Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alexander Palace - the Knitting and Stitching show

When we arrived at the Knitting and Stitching Show on Thursday we had to queue to get in, despite having pre bought tickets. However it did give me the opportunity to get a photo of the knitted London taxi outside.. amazing isn't it! See here for more details

However once inside.. there were many excellent  exhibitions to see, so here are a few that I was given permission to photograph.
The photo above shows part of Ruth Issets and Bobby Britnell's work,( see here) and as always lots of colour from Ruth. She was also promoting her new book, which looks exciting. I am very lucky to be able to take a 2 day workshop with Ruth at the end of October, so I shall have the opportunity to purchase the book then.

Also exciting, James Hunting's subtle, spacious work - and he patiently answered my questions. He works from the back so that the stitches are embedded in the cloth to create texture at the front, and he doesn't frame the work. I am hoping to take a workshop with him next spring.

( to read this--- double click on the photo)

Dorothy Caldwell had a large display and her work was in muted colours, but the surface textures were very subtle, and really demand closer inspection. It was wonderful to see so many of her pieces here together. ( her website is here)

The graduate showcase this year was excellent - they had a much better space this year as well, and their displayed work and natural enthusiasm  was so inspiring. ... just look at that wonderful smile from Faye.

After spending some time in the shopping hall.. I then  returned to have a look at Jan and Jean's work.

Jeans work was inspired by renovations to her house, and her intricate surfaces were a delight, and the embellisher machine was used very subtly...... wonderful. 

Jan's landscapes are immediately recognisable, and I enjoyed the textures she created in these new works. The sketchbooks from both artists are always a delight, and those on show did not disappoint. I also had the opportunity for a long chat with Alex Carprara, who was visiting the stand. 

All too soon it was time to leave, and the weather was changing as well, in fact it started to rain as we boarded the coach. As you can see the  trees  are still in late summer leaf, not many signs of autumn colours yet.
2 hours after leaving Alexandra Palace, we finally managed to creep onto the M4.... which resembled a 5 lane car park. The traffic was horrendous.. but the sunset sensational.

4 hours  after leaving AP, we were finally travelling through a very damp and dark Marlborough... just half an hour from home, fortunately all the traffic jams had disappeared... nearly home at last. it had been a long day.. but so enjoyable and inspiring.

So here are my purchases... so have plenty of goodies to keep me busily working and  playing and reading over the next few months. I will try and show you some of the work as it is completed. 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

GWE workshop

I attended a really interesting workshop this week run by Kate Dowty for my Great Western Embroiderers group. It was called scrappy quilts.
We had a wonderful time and Kate is a very supportive teacher, and we all worked very hard without realising it. The results of the day were most impressive. we all left with a little work to do... but with clear guidelines from Kate about how to finish.

Kate clearly demonstrated what we had to do - every step of the way.

Kate's examples were a wonderful inspiration and we all thoroughly enjoyed our day.