Friday, August 26, 2011

Studio work.....

Had to share this with you.... this is swinging in the rain.... what a hoot we had!!!!
I am taking part in the local Open Studios this year.... and am pleased to have received the posters advertising. I noticed in the brochure and on the Open Studio 2011 website I am numbered 23 on the map. However at the moment the studio is being well used by the grandchildren during their summer holidays.

This is another session of Batik and we worked very hard to get the designs right. All freehand and no drawing before hand. The grandaughters became very confident and skilled in using the hot wax.

Here are the cooled wax designs being painted with dye.. notice the rubber gloves! Interestingly... I was the one who had dye stained fingers.... much to the amusement of the granddaughters.

We took a break after lunch to the local playground to have a go on the swings...... as you can see in the 1st photo. The fresh air was really good for the creative process. We returned to the studio with great enthusiasm.

Some of the completed work.... so fantastic.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Printing ideas and good friends.

One of the great aspects of having really good friends is that they are so generous in sharing new ideas and knowledge. I am so grateful to a good friend coming over and sharing the products and her personal sketchbook relating to a great course she took in New York recently. So .... so.... inspiring.....have a look here.

I had a little experiment with the ideas, but I have to say it has totally re-ignited my desire to investigate getting designs from the computer screen to fabric, and I am all excited to get going.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Autumn Fruits

Went on a lovely walk this afternoon, whilst the rest of the West of England were having rain showers, we had wonderful sunshine. The air was feeling autumnal, despite the warmth of the sun. The blackberries are ripening fast and the rose hips are huge this year. If I had the recipes of my great aunt, I would be making rose hip wine and blackberry syrup.

The clouds were impressive across the town... but no sign of rain, thank goodness. I did take my umbrella in case though. ( all photos will enlarge if you click on them)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Not only did we decide to have a day out on the promise of the only day of good weather this week, but also decided to take the A 303 to get to Stourhead. Mmmmm! After a short while we came to a total stop, mush to the amusement of this herd of cows... however I think they were busy looking across the road to a very famous site.....................

Yes thought you would recognise it.. Stonehenge. The car was at a total standstill... so could not miss the photo opportunity.

We crawled a few yards along the road... so I took another photo...... we did finally getto Stourhead at lunchtime.. but well worth the slow journey.

The sun was shining and the gardens were splendid.

I walked all round the lake and must confess my legs were aching by time I got back to the car.... wonderful day out. I did take loads of photos.... but.. something wrong with the camera ;0(

Friday, August 19, 2011


Great day with the new Batik pot and 12 year old granddaughter. We played all day.... great fun.

New wax pot is fantastic, thermostatically controlled too.. how posh is that? Granddaughter is a talented and enthusiastic artist...... a great combination for fun.

When my daughter saw the wax pot... she remarked that is the same one they use for waxing legs.... what a waste of wax I replied!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brockenhurst WCE Exhibition

The Brockenhurst Exhibiton had some really excellent examples of Embroidery on show, made and entered by all the groups in the West Country.

A group of us from Swindon stewarded all day. Not many visitors, but the Village Hall is rather remote and sign postings had been taken down by some-one anonymous. Shame really, fortunately we had a Sat Nav and the postcode, so managed to find the location all right.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caravan thieves- please help catch them

This post is very different from my usual post... but my eldest son's caravan was stolen and although the pictures are grainy CCTV... perhaps you can help? All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This is thief leaving the compound..... later driving a green car, which is parked in the background at the roundabout.

A close up of one of the thieves, wearing a hoodie and white trainers... very skinny legs in tights perhaps... is it a female?

Here is the red Izuzu trouper that hooked the caravan up to steal it.

Here is the Izuzu driving off with the Swift Carisma 590 6 berth caravan.... did you see it around 9pm on Friday night in Swindon. On the CCTV footage the green car drives off in front of the caravan.

My grandchildren are really upset, they were going on holiday in it shortly. How can people be so mean as to steal others pride and joy and deprive children of a happy holiday?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Festival of Quilts 2011

I was wondering if going on a Sunday would be very quiet, and yes it was, but oh so enjoyable. I took my daughter for her first visit and it was really good to see the Festival through a newcomers eyes. she loved it. We are planning to bring the granddaughter next year and so also had a look to see what was available for the youngsters... and let me assure you there is plenty. Think she will enjoy it as much as he mum did!

After looking around the trade stands and making some wonderful purchases, we were ready for a quick lunch. After feeling very refreshed we headed straight to the Cairo Embroiderers... WOW!!! Truly wonderful work .. all hand appliqued. ( all the photos should enlarge if you click on them)

There were pictorial images of Egypt.

as well as more patterned pieces.

( click on the photo to enlarge and read the details)

Close by in the Exhibition area, these brave soles were taking part in an interactive studio. ( I did ask permission to take this photo)

Here are the results of the interactive studio over the 4 festival days.

On the back wall was this very impressive quilt, and this photo only shows a little of it. Read the information below.

( click to enlarge)

I thought this particular entry from Norway was fantastic...

In the 3D section thought these dolls were a wonderful light and dark touch!

These smocked dresses which were incorporated into a quilt made me wonder at the care and skill of the needle worker.

The colourful impact of this quilt was impressive.

This is a small section of one of the winning quilts.. all work is by hand.

We had a wonderful day, and I really enjoyed all the work. Lastly I also loved the SAQA show this year, but sadly no photos allowed. A large mono print of a black circle on natural fabric really caught my eye..... but you had to be there to see it to appreciate what I am talking about.

If ypou would liek to see plenty of the quilts.... pop along to Maggi's blog here and enjoy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wells Cathedral-Part Two

I also went into the Bishops Palace, and was enthralled by this cope from the 20th Century, which had been used by the Bishop of Wells for the 4 coronations that took place last Century. Amazing in the difference of imagery used. Wonder if it will be used for the next coronation. The cope was in need of some restoration.

The Bishops Palace is a very pleasant and quiet place, and I happily sat and sketched in the tranquil gardens. The weather was superb.

The back to the Cathedral before the coach journey home, for a last look around.

Most enjoyable day.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wells Cathedral-Part one

This is a back view or Wells Cathedral taken from the Bishops Palace.

Marlborough Embroiderers Guild arranged a coach outing to go and view the Embroideries designedby Jane Lemon, and worked by the Sarum Embroiderers and the Royal School of Needlework.

The fantastic architecture of Wells Cathedral is always breathtaking and Jane caught the inspiration in this cope which we were shown. It was absolutely beautiful and all the silk was dyed to order.

Here is one of the altar frontals which is stunning and very 3 dimensional.

The photos really speak for themselves.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bag Lady

Think my daughter is turning into a bag lady. This she made for my granddaughter who starts school in September... the request was for a bag with butterfly and flags.... so she has both.

This is supposed to be her PE bag for school, but I suspect it will be promoted to a much loved bag by 4 and a half year old. I think it is really beautiful.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

North Meadow, Cricklade

Some of the A4 quilts the Great Western Embroiderers created are now hanging in Cricklade Town Council Offices. We were asked if they could be hung there in support of the Britain in Bloom competition as Cricklade are in the Finals. They will know in September if they have won.