Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Excitement in the Inbox

Well there was an exciting invitation in my inbox today, to be a member of Revelry. Thought I would have to wait until Christmas as there is such a long waiting list.

Just finding my way around the site at the moment.... loads to look at and it seems, if I want to post pictures I have to have a Flickr account. This web stuff is such a big learning curve. So I better get some more knitting done....... otherwise they may think am not a knitter. Must confess though I am far better at Crochet and Tatting, however I am committed to lifelong learning... so here we go. Or maybe I had better get back to the knitting.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Feel like rambling on today, probably a direct effect of the virus I have in my head and throat. Its driving me mad. I blame himself of course, as I had to take him to the hospital and doctors last week, places I try and avoid at all costs, could have sent him by taxi, but seems a bit cruel now I have taken early retirement. These places are full of sick people, and I do not like catching their illnesses, however seems like I have succumbed. So am feeling very sorry for myself.

Thanks to the lovely folks leaving me comments on my blog..... Veronique the shop has had a lot of visitors since our exhibition went in the window, by the way love those bags on your blog you have lucky daughters and Helen C we have had quite a few enquiries about folks wanting to join since the radio show.

The CD cases are so easy to make a display with, HelenS, they are far better than a book with printed CV's.

Angela enjoy your visit to Swindon on Wednesday... if you go in the shop... say hello to the owner from me. She is going to start stocking wool soon, so I expect you will become a regular visitor.

Talking of wool, the knitting is progressing despite the awful headaches and coughing fits, which are rather more like work-outs for the pelvic floor.
Have just realised I am close to my 250th posting, however the slow rate of posting in November, it probably means it will be Christmas day before I manage it.... how should we celebrate? Any ideas? Right back to the coughing...........

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exhibition and the Radio.

I have just set up the first exhibiton of Great Western Embroiderers ( the new textile group). The exhibition is in the sewing shop opposite the designer outlet village in Swindon. Such a diversity of techniques and skills. The Exhibition is in the shop window until December 10th.

It is just a small exhibition of some of the members work, showcasing the amazing talent in the group. It has attracted a lot of attention, including that of the local radio, BBC Swindon. Kath, one of the members, gave an interview all about what we do. She gave an excellent interview. I feel sure we will reach lots of interested artists as a result.

This photo was taken at our last meeting ... we called it dyeing the un-natural way. We had a great time.

Still knitting too.......

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wiltshire countryside

Last weekend I spent at Urchfont, deep in the countryside of Wiltshire. Here is the evidence of autumn... quite spectacular.

After recent conversations with Clyde Oliver about shadows, I could not resist taking this very flattering photo of my shadow. I have some really long legs.. can photos tell lies?

Amazingly there was evidence of some flowers still in bloom.... this rather lonely rose on a south facing and sheltered wall. However I was ther to work on my projects for the weekend and one of my first tasks was to create a shroud for the green man that Gordon Dickenson had created. ( I did ask his permission to do this). I wanted to do some rust dyeing. Considering it had only 36hours to perform.. not a bad result. The gardener was a little concerned/surprised on the sunday morning when he saw the green man covered in calico!

I did do a lot of other work.... but bacause of these rather intense rules about showing work before exhibiting pictures of the stuff I have been working on.

Thought I would leave you with some photos of the Saturday evening sunsets.... spectacular.

Still knitting.........

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knitting Saga

After the Great Western Embroiderers meeting on Tuesday afternoon, Sue gave me a lift home to have a cup of tea and had the dubious pleasure of meeting Herr Schnauzer and Sir Siamese... (the old lady moggy was having her afternoon nap - so no sign of her). Sue is a great buddy.. she sorted out my knitting for me. Thanks so much Sue.

Here it is after Sue got me going again. The first 2 rows of the pattern.

Five days later I am pleased to say I have managed to get quite a way up the back. Will it be finished for Christmas? Place your bets now!

Impressed?? I am.

Here is the cherub, that it is destined for... just hope she does not grow too fast! As you can see abig girl for 9 months old.... sorry about the dummy! She loves it.....I hate it!

Have so many other things to talk and write about, it has been such an exciting week. Unfortunately not much time. Off to dinner with eldest son in a minute... so I had better dash. Will try to bring the blog up to date later.... but if I do not manage it, at least you will know that I am knitting for Christmas!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Forgiveness is-- catching up with the row counter.

Well I have forgiven Herr Schnauzer for his misdemeanors with my knitting, due to pressure from comments left by Rosalind and Verobirdie, who thought he looked guilty enough, and I also told him, every one in blogworld is laughing at him I would forgive him just this once.

Maggie, I am pleased to say he had the good sense not to swallow the end of the needle or the row counter.... here is the evidence retrieved from under the settee, and not from the end of the dog!!

However I have to report that the knitting has not progressed, I need a major motivational push to get going again. I have tried to join Revelry on the recommendation of my Internet chums, I am about 10,000th on the waiting list. So, I think Christmas will be here before I get accepted. No joy there then.

I have been working very hard, though, with my hand stitching, I cannot show you the whole thing.. but here is a very tiny taster/snippet and close up. Do you remember all that dyeing I did in the Summer,(see here) I am now using all of that, and have to say I am already running out of some threads. I hate dyeing in winter as it takes so long to dry. It seems like cheating though to go and buy some thread from a shop, after making the decision to work with my own colours.

Mmmmmm. Decisions,decisions.

Those who know me well and are reading this... please note and applaud... yes that is green you see, it is not an illusion ........ there is a first time for everything.

Meanwhile back to my embellisher machine, it has gained a new decoration since it has been sitting idle om my work bench , whilst I have been busy with my hand stitching. An elegant edition methinks. He would soon move if I start the motor though!

Monday, November 05, 2007

In the dog house!!!

For this post to make sense you may want to re-read my previous post.... here. What a difference 2 hours make!

Yes, Herr Schnauzer is in the dog house.... definitely in my bad books..... thats why he is hiding under the settee. Can you spot the difference in this photo of my knitting--- to the previous post??

Yes, the knitting is no longer on the needle, and yes, the end of the knitting needle has disappeared......chewed! I am not a happy bunny, this piece of knitting is dogged by bad luck..... Herr Schnauzers only saving grace is he did not chew the knitting! He has not chewed anything in the last 2 years why this knitting needle and row counter???
Now I need to buy new size 4 knitting needles and a row counter. I shall have to stop his pocket money, ground him even. This cardigan will never get finished for Christmas ...and I have the perfect excuse....the dog chewed it!


Would some one please tell my cactus... its not Christmas yet! It is flowering beautifully, and yes I know the shops are filling up with festive gifts and decorations.... but in my house .... not yet please!

My family seem to be catching the Christmas bug too. I have been asked/cajoled into knitting a cardigan for the 8 month old GC. I had not joined in the present knitting frenzy gripping the world. Looks like I will have to now. When my children were younger I used to make all their clothes... and that included knitting. Sadly my skills have laid dormant and unused for a number of years.

Not to be defeated though I set forth with needles and wool.... ribbing was OK... but the bubbly textured pattern.. .....that has defeated me and has been pulled out 3 times. My lame excuse is -- I was busy watching CSI New York on the telly! Seems that my multitasking skills left home as well last night.
I think they expect that this cardigan will form part of the Christmas present this year for the GC.... I am blogging about it to shame myself into continuing. Right, will attack that pattern again tonight... wish me luck.