Thursday, November 08, 2007

Forgiveness is-- catching up with the row counter.

Well I have forgiven Herr Schnauzer for his misdemeanors with my knitting, due to pressure from comments left by Rosalind and Verobirdie, who thought he looked guilty enough, and I also told him, every one in blogworld is laughing at him I would forgive him just this once.

Maggie, I am pleased to say he had the good sense not to swallow the end of the needle or the row counter.... here is the evidence retrieved from under the settee, and not from the end of the dog!!

However I have to report that the knitting has not progressed, I need a major motivational push to get going again. I have tried to join Revelry on the recommendation of my Internet chums, I am about 10,000th on the waiting list. So, I think Christmas will be here before I get accepted. No joy there then.

I have been working very hard, though, with my hand stitching, I cannot show you the whole thing.. but here is a very tiny taster/snippet and close up. Do you remember all that dyeing I did in the Summer,(see here) I am now using all of that, and have to say I am already running out of some threads. I hate dyeing in winter as it takes so long to dry. It seems like cheating though to go and buy some thread from a shop, after making the decision to work with my own colours.

Mmmmmm. Decisions,decisions.

Those who know me well and are reading this... please note and applaud... yes that is green you see, it is not an illusion ........ there is a first time for everything.

Meanwhile back to my embellisher machine, it has gained a new decoration since it has been sitting idle om my work bench , whilst I have been busy with my hand stitching. An elegant edition methinks. He would soon move if I start the motor though!


marion said...

As tasters go, that's very tasty. My cats never sit on the machine... just on my lap...that can become... er... challenging

Susan said...

Your hand stitching looks and vibrant. Perhaps your kitty knows that an embellisher is part cat too....both just PURR along!

Angelcat said...

Your hand stitching looks beautiful Maggie! and the new edition to your embellisher is too CUTE! Sadly I'm getting over a bout of the flu so won't be able to make the GWE meeting today I will miss seeing everyone and I know you have such fun planned for today too :( Could you let me know when the next meeting will be please?

Gunnels blog said...

Your handstitching are so wonderful and the colours! Beautiful, we need colour at the moment in the darker!

MargaretR said...

I love that new ornament you have put on your embellisher Maggie and I also loved that photo of Hherr Schnauser in the dog house.

zquilts said...

Ohhh..I just discovered your blog. Love your work - and that handsome Siamese 'ornament'!

Annica said...

The handstitching looks fab! Yummy colours!