Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art in The Garden at Urchfont.

Starts on the 5th September 2009, have also found this blog ( click on highlight)showing some alternative art taking place at Urchfont..... if you manage to go , see if you can spot these. They are good fun.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day Trip to Bath

Took the Grandchildren to Bath for the day. Nothing particularly special about that, other than we travelled by train. Such excitement, they had never been on a train before, so a very special experience for them.

After arriving at Bath station we walked to the River Avon and made our way to Poulteney Bridge and Weir. The children were very impressed by the canal boats and really wanted to go and look inside, and were amazed that people lived on them.

We then walked to Henrietta Street Park.... really wonderful and quite peaceful. We had an early picnic lunch there. Unfortunately the garden for the blind was temporarily closed as the gardeners were working in there. I had wanted the children to immerse their noses in the flower smells.

So we walked back to Pulteney Bridge, and they dragged me past the Victoria Art Gallery, with "not today Nanny"! Then Sauntered to the Cathedral to see the entertainments. I say sauntered as when a 2 year old insists on walking , the pace is quite slow.

By time we got to the Cathedral, it was afternoon nap time, so the pushchair and comforter were suddenly required.

We were not disappointed with the entertainment at the Cathedral, a unicycle rider with flaming torches and some wonderful buskers. The stars of the show for us were though were these 2, however. They fascinated the 5 year old and terrified the 10 year old. How strange.

We did look to see how much it would cost to go in the Roman Baths Museum, decided it was too expensive for all of us

So walked on through the centre of Bath towards Victoria Park, and on to the playground... and of course ice cream. The children had a wonderful time, whilst we were able to sit in the shade of the trees.Then a slow walk - 2 year old pace- back along the river bank, back to Green Park, wonderful swings there which were all well and truly tested. There is also a fatastic cafe at the old Green Park station with the best danish and doughnuts we have tasted in a long time.
So suitably re-fuelled, we wander back to the station, watched a few trains come into the station before finally our train came in, and 3 tired and happy children climbed on board. Great day out, no shopping, but Bath certainly has a lot to offer children.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ruskin Mill, Summer Exhibition

Went along to Ruskin Mill to see the end of Term exhibition, which unfortunately they had taken down the day before, even though it was advertised as being open until September 1st. So was rather disappointed, until we hit the coffee shop and they make the most wonderful Victoria Sandwich with real cream. Instant forgiveness.

Then had a stroll through the site, and was so impressed, it was wonderful. This amazing carved garden bench.

Click on the photo to enlarge and have a look at the ceramic tiles.

The space was tranquil and offered visitors the opportunity for meditative thinking. They had a wonderful kitten roaming the site, who was friendly and playful. We also spoke to a couple of young residents. So inspiring and enthusiastic.
As I had never been to this area before, went into Nailsworth to have a look around and found a fantastic textile shop called [Olivia Dell] - [World Textiles] [ Folk Art] An Aladdin's cave of eye candy. Quite amazing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Festival of Quilts 2009

Had a great time at the FOQ this year, lots of people to chat too as well and I cannot believe I hardly took any photos. However the Twisted Thread website has plenty. Click here, it worth while looking at their facebook page as well. Lots going on there.

I have 2 favourites of the show and , one was

and the other was

My mate Liz was also exhibiting and she has worked so hard to complete all the work for this exhibition. Well done Liz.
My purchases were more refined than most years, yes I bought some more Lutrador from my mate Marion at Artmixer, good to see you again, and I might well take you up on the offer of playing in your shed!
I also perused around the Aurifil stand as I really like the cotton threads, they are matt and stitch well. So I purchased some. I have yet to find a UK stockist. If you know one ... please let me know.
I also had a good look at the new Bernina 830...... yes I had a look.. but no more than that. Did not dare start to play with it. Just know what I am like! The all singing all dancing version cost the same as a small car! Car's are so overpriced don't you think?
Also treated myself to Sandra Meech's new book, and I am really enjoying reading it.

Blog Candy give away

The Stamp Man is doing a give away on the blog, some great stuff.. worth having a look at.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trip to National Gallery and Tate Britain

This was a day for art appreciation and to feed the inspiration.

Always an exciting moment on the coach, when you know you are getting close to the National Gallery. The Exhibition was Carot to Manet, not an exhibition I would have particularly have chosen to see... but............. I found it really wonderful. Have a look here. Worth seeing, but be quick it finishes soon.

Of course we also had to see what was going on with the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Next Stop Tate Britain. Such an inspirational Gallery, lots of Turners (click here) on exhibition and I just love the Colour and line exhibition, which I first saw last year and had to come and have a another look this year. Blow's me away every time. Another painting which really caught my imagination was Sandra Blow - Space and Matter 1959. I could have spent all day staring at it. It totally engulfed me. Loved a lot of the work in this room.

Time seemed to fly and I need to get some air and a quick view of the Thames before the coach came to take us home.

Great view of Channel 4's umbrella sculpture.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buscot Park

We used to go to Buscot Park near Faringdon when the children were very young to watch the firework displays by the lake in November every year. We felt we got a double helping and the children could watch the wonderful reflections on the lake. Needless to say have not been back for years although it is on our doorstep. Took the grandchildren along there yesterday and of course we had a great time. As we had packed the wellies in the boot of the car.. it did not rain!

Plenty of opportunities within the grounds of Buscot Park for drawing and admiring artwork.

Grandson is merely 5 years old and can draw brilliantly. He also loves to look at paintings and drawings in galleries, and talk about them. In fact he can give Brian Sewell a run for his money in the talking department. Buscot house has a fine collection of Pre- Raphaelite paintings and his questioning and vocal observations caused an audience of adults to listen to him, whilst the guide and I were trying to answer his incredibly detailed questions.

After viewing the house... we then took full advantage of the wonderful grounds.

We drew and walked and ran and played, and were pleased to get to the tea shop for refreshments after a very busy time. I can really recommend the orange and lemon cake! We drove home with some very tired, quiet and happy children. I had a lovely surprise this morning. the children bought me a huge bunch of flowers and Granddaughter had made me a lovely thank you card with butterflies. We saw so many butterflies yesterday.. they were very beautiful.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Shaftesbury Lake

Took the grandchildren to Shaftesbury Lake today, we used to live close by and so know the area well, after feeding the ducks and swans and Canada Geese with stale bread, it was off to the playgrounds.

Great fun and lots of drawing/sketching opportunities. Unfortunately the Adventure playgroup is shut to ordinary children on a Friday, it is only available to children with special needs. However I suspect we will be back to play another day.

Then home for lunch and then off again to another set of playgrounds. The result was some tired and happy children and me!
Have you noticed the date today ? 07-08-09..............! 7th August 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral yesterday was full of foreign tourists, wonderful to see so many come to enjoy and admire our wonderful heritage.

The scale of the architecture in this Cathedral never ceases to amaze me.

My mission at the Cathedral was to look at some of the embroideries closely. Our guide was well informed as she had completed many of the canvas work kneelers on show.

I was also delighted to be able to see much of Jane Lemons' work with the Sarum group.

I also had the opportunity of looking around Arundells which, is also in close proximity to the Catherdral, and was the home of Edward Heath.

He had a wonderful collecton of artwork... Winston Churchill , John Piper, Augustus and Gwen John as well as others...... I was quite fascinated. He also had about 50 of the original cartoons which had appeared in newspapers over the years, in which Giles featured quite heavily .
Look at the Gallery in the link.....
here. The garden was also delightful and goes right down to the River Avon, which has such clear water..... I was quite amazed.

Popped into the Wiltshire Museum to have a look at their Turner paintings of Salisbury, but only had 2 on display...... they do however have a good costume section and also a comprehensive record of Downton Lace.
A wonderful day trip and the sun shone until I reached home.