Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stewarding at the exhibition

It was lovely to be at Malmesbury Town Hall today for the stewarding of the Cotswold's - a stitching experience Exhibition,  by my Great Western Embroiderers group. We had lots of visitors, some very knowledgeable and it was really great to chat to everyone. This is a photo of the quilt I made, so much easier to photograph it on a gallery wall.

The mosaic, for which we all made a piece or two, created lots of excitement and discussion and was beautifully displayed near one of the exit doors.

I feel sure you all recognise this particular piece of work, as it has featured heavily on this blog.

I took a photo of the central space to show how lovely and airy the gallery is, then realised I had not put the memory card back in my camera...... so could take no more photos. However all is not lost as I shall be stewarding again next Wednesday, so I promise I will put my memory card in the camera. The hot chocolate they serve at the gallery is delicious too, and very welcome today as it was bitterly cold outside.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A gentle reminder

I thought  a gentle reminder about the exhibition in Malmesbury might be timely today, and  also that I am stewarding this Wednesday between 11am and 1pm. Would love to see you there and do not forget to say hello.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Interesting exhibition and other stuff.

Went to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester to have a look at this new exhibition by Bath Textile Artists (click here for more info) especially as I know 3 of the artists very well. So it was a delight to be able to visit this exhibition before it closed. Janet Clarke showed her wonderful felt sculptural shapes as well as more traditional scarves. It was a delight to see her work again. Margaret Heath had skillfully played with layers and hand stitching and used some of the huge stones reminiscent of Avebury as her design inspiration.  Liz Hewitt is stitching and creating textures which are quite unique in interpretation. It was very inspiring to see such diversity in one exhibition.

It was a bitterly cold day and we were grateful to get home in the warmth to a cup of tea, and these lovely daffodils to cheer us up.

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the studio, but lots of brain work going on in the design department... but not a lot to show for it really. I have been working on the Cotswold theme, and playing with shades of grey ( and no I have not read the book!)

Just to stray away from the tonal values of black and white.. I also looked at complementary colours... but am still waiting for the "ah ha" moment.

Meanwhile I have totally upset Herr Schnauzer, seen here reclining on his favourite dark rose coloured settee. This settee has now been well vacuumed and donated to a local company who help needy families to furnish their homes. We had to buy some new seating.. and Herr Schnauzer is no longer allowed to lounge on the furniture. Is he upset???..... you bet!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I seem to be disappearing!

I seem to be disappearing if my clothes are an accurate measure. A lot of my skirts and trousers are too big. This is not a deliberate action on my part, as I do not believe in losing weight  or dieting  at all.
So where is it all going? A mystery.

Getting on the scales has not  been an activity for me since the early 1990's, when the GP (doctor) and I were both frightened by my sparse frame due to ME ( clear explanation here). The physical pain and tiredness was extreme, and so to help recovery the doctor suggested I need to concentrate on increasing my weight.

I have some very good spells of health now due to an increased  body  weight. So needless to say I also love my food.

To cut a long story short--- it was time to make cake!!!!
I really cannot afford to have a relapse, so there were 3 eggs in the fridge..... weighed them and equal parts of Castor sugar and flour........ strawberry jam in the middle... lemon icing on top. A  Victoria sandwich for tea. When we ate a slice it was still warm. Nothing like home made cake.
At least I know whats in it. Unlike some of the processed foods at the moment. Oh and just to update you, the Crock pot is cooking a brisket joint for dinner this evening. Smells delicious!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Embroiderers Guild Folios - renovation

Marlborough branch of the Embroiderers guild have been helping to renovate the Guild's folios. A small group of members have been meeting regularly to renovate 2 folios. The first was called lettering and which we re-named Text. We finished the renovation on that folio last year. The second folios was called colour movement through stitch. We have renamed it Colour Studies. The photo above is one of my contributions.
The colour wheel was created in Photo shop Elements as a strip, printed onto tissue paper and with the help of bondaweb attached to a piece of Pelmet vilene. Machine threads were then chosen to complement the colours of the tissue paper and stitched using a simple automatic embroidery stitch. 

For another sample I tie dyed a selection of fabrics in black.

I then cut the fabrics into one and a half inch squares, and ironed them onto some felt with bondaweb. Next was to choose some appropriate machine threads and at least 2 variegated thread too, and machine in different directions - again using automatic machine stitches.

Both pieces of work can be used to make book covers or wraps as well as for ipods/phones. or computer tablet covers. 

Great fun and creative. An item children can make with a little supervision.

The renovation is nearly complete and members have created some wonderful samples. If you are a member of the Embroiderers Guild, you may be interested in getting one of the folios to study with a group at your branch.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Western Embroiderers

Had a wonderful meeting with members of the Great Western Embroiderers today. We all took our finished work to the meeting ready for our Exhibition at Malmesbury at the Town Hall. I have mentioned it in a previous post ... but no harm in showing you the poster again. I was quite pleased to have finished the Cotswold sheep cross stitch, all framed and ready to exhibit.

We have also all completed one or more 8 inch square to be shown together as a mosaic. Seeing the squares all together as a mosaic was wonderful. All the different techniques and ideas on the theme, bought tears to my eyes to think how hard everyone has worked. Hope you can make it to the exhibition and see these 24 pieces of work that create a mosaic, and of course the other 60 pieces of work created by members. If you do go please leave a comment in the visitors book. I shall be there stewarding on Thursday 27th February and on Thursday 6th March from 11am - 1pm. would love to see you there, so please come and say hello. There are also other attractions in Malmesbury see here
This is my 8 inch square.... all hand stitched in natural colours on calico ( does not photograph very well without additional lighting).

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Stitching until the fingers are sore!

Glorious sunshine today and the grass was visible in the garden too. The sun is quite low in the sky, even at lunchtime when this photo was taken, so wonderful long shadows. great photo opportunity.

This is the stitching that is giving me the sore fingers, I had forgotten how long it takes to stitch using cross stitch , but I am nearly finished. I still have to frame it, but think I might just get it completed in time for the exhibition.
I have also been a little bit distracted by the purchase of a crock pot. We like stews quite a lot, and I am so fed up with having culinary disasters. I have become quite adept recently at burning meals. I tend to cook goulash on the top of the hob....... and then get distracted by something far more interesting than cooking ( and yes .. that Cotswold sheep has something to answer for as well!).. .... so you've guessed - burnt offerings for dinner.. yet.. AGAIN.

I do find cooking so boring and cannot be bothered to stand over the cooker..... so hopefully this crock pot will be the answer. I have ordered a couple of cook books from Amazon to help me try and avert disaster. Can food be burnt in a slow cooker?

Ist meal last night was a total success, and a steamed pudding is in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. Great stuff.

Right, better go,  that Cotswold sheep will not stitch itself.