Monday, April 30, 2012

Very green drought conditions

This is the wettest drought I have ever experienced.
The rain finally gave way to some sunshine and warmer weather today. The flowers in the garden are doing very well, and I managed to get to the garden centre and buy a few more bedding plants. So if the sun should ever appear again this summer, we will have some colour to enjoy whilst sitting in the garden

Trees and grass are very green and have obviously enjoyed the downpours deluge of rain. It was good to see the sunshine today. Most areas of England are on flood alert, and even here on our hill we have had a flooded road. Rain is due back again this evening and for most of the week.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stop the closure of Urchfont Manor

Urchfont Manor Adult Education Centre in Wiltshire is closing in September.

 Wiltshire County Council are making a big mistake in undertaking this closure.

 If you agree with me, please fill in their online questionnaire and in the box at the end of the questionnaire, please let them know why they are so so wrong in this decision.
The online questionnaire is available click  --------   here
If you want more information then please google.... Wiltshire Council, adult education questionnaire.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time for reflection

I had a great time to day at our Losing the Thread exhibition at Bampton Gallery. I spent the day stitching and talking to visitors. I find talking about my work helps me to reflect on my own practice, about what I am doing and why I work in a particular way. It is always a rewarding experience when visitors appreciate some of the hard work and thinking that goes into my work.

A few of the visitors to West Ox Arts gallery today had travelled quite a distance to see the work on display, which was much appreciated. The last day of the exhibition is tomorrow, wonder if there will be many visitors, the weather is supposed to be awful. Its the wettest drought I have ever known.

It feels quite odd that this exhibition is closing, as it has been one of the best we have staged to date and the response from the public has been so positive.

 Now is the time however for me to reflect on the response and take this work further. With all the positive responses to my ideas I cannot wait to get back the studio, I still have the enthusiasm and passion to take this subject matter a lot further. So exciting.

Friday, April 27, 2012

More Patchwork

This is daughters next patchwork project, she has already started the stitching of the hexagons, all by hand. This will be made into a cushion cover for grandsons bedroom. I love the colours they are very masculine. He's a lucky boy.
 I have not had much time for my own work at the moment,but lots of ideas in the notebook. Stewarding the Traditions at  Lydiard exhibition yesterday, gave me the opportunity to think about my work. That was in-between all the visitors to the exhibition.It was really lovely to meet everyone and get some ideas together about m work..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quilt is finished !

My daughter has spent quite a while making this quilt, and has had to learn a lot of new skills on the way.. however today she managed to finish it.
 My studio has been working overtime this last few weeks with all this activity.
 Needless to say daughter is absolutely thrilled with the quilt and I must say it is beautiful. Well done indeed.
She purchased the fabrics from Cupcake Cottons in Burford--- click here for their blog, Steph and Jacky have been wonderful and the quality of their fabrics is hard to find anywhere else.

Do I get my studio back for my own work?... well no... its being booked again for a hexagon quilt for grandson.

This morning I also managed to service and sort out my Bernina 730 (old green version) that I gave to her ages ago. as it need some oil....... I must say it stitches beautifully and I also showed her how to Free Machine Embroider. This old machine knows how to do it with ease.... it had years of practice with me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm back...... yippeee! Bampton Gallery this Saturday?

I am absolutely thrilled to be back, I have been lost to blogland since my last post.... and the new interface imposed on us all by blogger....and the result was  my blog had no functions. I did ask for help on the Forum..... and basically was ignored.
However I am not one to be beaten by technology. The answer was to use my new computer that I have been ignoring for the last year..... serves me right for being such an old stick in the mud. First try on the new computer and here I am blogging on the new interface.... looks good to me ..... just hope there will be no problems when I try to publish the post.
This new keyboard is a bit strange, so any typing errors , you can blame on the new keyboard.

The reason for using the photo, is I am stewarding and demonstrating at Bampton Gallery again this Saturday (28th April) and it would be lovely to see you there.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Collograph printing

Had a great day in the studio last Saturday when Anna came.

She also bought along her Big Shot machine and we did some collograph printing. I had made a few collographs plates the day before to make sure the glue and varnish was dry. I also put one of my old lino cuts through the Big Shot machine.
Wonderful results as you can see.
The thicker lino would not go through, but the thinner did. I was very pleased.
We also treated ourselves to lunch at the local hostelry, a most enjoyable occasion. Thank You Anna.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A talk to Swindon Antiques Society

Gave a talk to the Swindon Antiques Society yesterday evening at Lydiard House. Sophie the Collections Manager asked if we would. It was really interesting to see the exhibition in the evening artificial light ..... The talk was about the Traditions exhibition we have showing at the moment and how the social traditions of large country houses and our textile response overlaps and enhances the experience for viewers of today. I took along my sketchbooks to help illustrate my ways of thinking and the inspiration I derived from Lydiard House.

For younger viewers to the house, we have made peg dolls in characters of many well known traditional stories and nursery rhymes.... you probably recognise this one as red riding hood. Perched on the four poster bed !!! Where else?

This is my cushion of my interpretation of the colourful flowers in the walled garden ( pleased to say it has sold)

Here is my Blackwork Swan, looking very regal in this setting. Again the inspiration taken from the swans on the lake in the park. This exhibition is running until the 10th June 2012. So plenty of time to enjoy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bampton - stewarding and demonstrating

I was stewarding all day today at the West Ox Art Gallery in Bampton, and shared the duty with Mair.
I demonstrated in the morning and Mair in the afternoon. It was wonderful to see so many interested viewers attend. I loved talking to everyone about the inspiration and techniques I used in my work. I shall be there again on the Saturday 28th, this time with Margaret Charlton and would be lovely to see you and chat.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buscot House and Park

Despite the rain, hail and dark skies overhead, we had a great time at Buscot House and Park today. Luckily we were in the house when the heavens opened and then glorious sunshine whilst we strolled through the gardens. The daffodils are still holding their own, but the trees are spectacular..

For more infomation about this National Trust property....... click here.

The Art collection at Buscot House is well worth seeing, especially the Salon which has so many Burne- Jones Paintings, quite amazing....... have a look here

The Oxford Times had a wonderful review of the "Losing the Thread" Exhibition at Bampton today.. you can read it here. I was very pleased by it.
Erin at West Ox Arts has posted some great photos of the private view here on her blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet the Artist- Lydiard House 2012

We spent the day at Lydiard House for a "meet the artist event".... most enjoyable, and almost all members of the Great Western Embroiderers attended, so lots of opportunity for chatting.
In the Education room in the stable block a children's workshop was also taking place making peg dolls. The peg dolls we had made for the children's trail in the house were proving a very popular attraction today. Not surprising really! Photo shows one of my pieces of work inspired by the blue pottery in the house.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Painting

After an enjoyable family dinner, it was time to use the studio..... and paint. After completing 10 masterpieces of painting, 5 year old announced quite boldly..... " Nanny , I am an artist!

I was was one of those precious moments.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Private view - Bampton

Today was the private view at the Bampton Exhibition, we had lots of visitors..... in fact this photo was taken early on.. before the official time to open and we already had visitors.

No Chance of photos later,as the room was full of people. I really enjoyed talking to friends and visitors about the focus for all my work, and the techniques I use to get the emotion of my thoughts and passion across in my threads and fabric.

I had interest shown for me to talk to two different groups about my work. Needless to say I would be thrilled to talk to others about my work. What an exciting day.... I am buzzing.

I am stewarding and demoing next Saturday(14th April) at the gallery.. so if you fancy a day out in the Cotswolds.... come and say hello. Bampton is one of the oldest towns in England... on the edge of the Cotswolds. Pubs by the river... great walks and a lovely cafe nearby. Something for everyone.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Exhibition at Bampton, Oxfordshire

(click to enlarge)

Spent today helping to hang the - Losing the Thread - exhibition at Bampton in Oxfordshire. I have to say it was looking really good when I left this afternoon.

The Private view is this Saturday (7th April) from 11.30 am -2.30pm. Would love to see you there if you can make it. I am also stewarding on Saturday 14th and 28th April. I shall be taking my sketchbooks along as well, so come along for a chat.

Click here for more info about West Ox Arts Gallery at Bampton.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Lydiard Exhibition 2012

The exhibition is proving to be very popular, and here is the view of the entrance hall. Over 60 pieces of work by the Great Western Embroiderers are on show within the state rooms.

Can you see my cushion in the background on the green couch?