Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jubilee bunting

Had a fun morning making bunting for next weeks holidays --- the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. Then we also have the Olympics 2012 and Wimbledon and apparently some  European football matches... so we thought we might get some mileage from using the bunting this year.

The garden is looking really good and we have had lots of time to enjoy it in this wonderful sunshine. This plant always flowers in time for my mothers' Birthday - middle of May..... and has continued to flower beautifully for a long time this year. This great weather has meant we have eaten lots of BBQ's and very enjoyable they have been as well.

Still drawing .... using coloured pencils ....but may be its time to eat the fruit now!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Great fun and festivities as the torch relay passed through Swindon and surrounding villages yesterday. Daughter managed to get this photo of the Chelsea footballer who had the honour of running in Swindon as well as many other noteworthy and local people.
 Great to see, I watched much of it via the Internet. See the link here to watch the relay live.
The North Wiltshire countryside looked amazing in the sweltering sunny heat of 28C.

BBC Wiltshire also has some interesting photos, as Zara Phillips carried the torch around Cheltenham race course last night. The local paper Swindon Advertiser also featured lots of photos.. .see here

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Football hero

Thanks to the Swindon Advertiser for this great photo of my grandson playing in the North Wiltshire football league at the County Ground pitch recently... see here. He also got Man of the Match ;o) ............ I am so proud of him.
Went along to the Museums at Night at Lydiard House last night. It was lovely to see the Great Western Embroiderers Exhibition in the night light, and talk to so many interested visitors about our work. I took my sketchbook along so visitors could see how I work..... our local paper also promoted the event ( see here).

 As it is a national event.... did you go to a Museum near you? If so which one?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swindon Open Studios 2012

Went along to the Open Evening for this years event, it is always interesting to meet other artists who wish to take part. If you are interested in taking part this year, and live in a 15 mile radius of Swindon, take a look here

Malvern Quilt show

Spent a day at Malvern Quilt show yesterday, it was my first time, and I really enjoyed myself. Not quite as many quilts on show as at the Festival of Quilts. Seemed to be lots of traders, and naturally I could not resist some purchases. By time I took the photo it was pretty crowded, the photo shows a temporary lull in this particular spot.!! Was really pleased I went to the show, and hope to go again next year

Friday, May 18, 2012

Droxford in Hampshire

I spent a delightful day, giving my "Stitches- Use and Abuse" workshop to members of the Textile Workshop  who meet in Droxford Village Hall. They have an exhibition soon, so do keep an eye out for it if you live locally.

 I usually like to keep numbers down in my workshops so I can give lots of individual attention. Although 19 members attended from this group ( and a couple of others drifted in during the day), they were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable, that the large numbers were not a problem. What a talented group of textile artists, as you can see from the photos of the work they produced. I was very impressed by their hard working ethos.

A very enjoyable day for me, and the weather was great too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Day visiting the Cotswolds

So lucky to be driving to the Cotwolds in the sunshine today, on such a beautiful morning. We drove to Burford to visit Cupcake Cottons, its becoming quite a habit ! Daughter needed some more supplies, and I could not turn down the request to go with her, that would have been so mean.

Its a lovely shop, and there were lots of preparations going on to take  their shop  supplies to the Malvern Quilt Show this week . I am going to visit the Quilt show for the first time this Friday, so hopefully I will see Steph and Jacky  again at the show. Lots going on at the show, so it should be fun.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Patchwork and Annette's Angels

The second quilt using African fabrics has been completed. It  came together quite easily and so I am quite pleased about this, as it has cleared my studio for some newer work I want to get on with. The newer work will have to wait until next week however, as I have quite a busy week ahead of me.

Today, I went along to  the Marlborough Branch of the Embroiderers Guild as  Annette Emms was giving her talk about Gargoyles, Ghosts and Angels. It was lovely to catch up with Annette again and see her latest work with Angels. She has written a workshop for the next edition of Stitch magazine. Cannot wait to see  the article, called Create Heavenly Angels.. see here .

I am busy getting my supplies and teaching materials ready for the Workshop I am teaching in Hampshire on Thursday and have some new ideas as well. Should be fun!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cotswold Woollen Weavers

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday for the GWE visit to Cotswold Woollen Weavers. The sun certainly made the Cotswold stone buildings glow, a beautiful sight with the fresh spring greenery of the countryside. We were met by Richard the owner, who gave a short talk about the Cotswold woollen industry and Filkins the village. A good start to our new exhibition theme.

The looms have ceased to work here, but are very much in evidence in the weaving sheds, now mostly a museum. Lots of inspiration available for our design ideas, and members were busy photographing and sketching.

The cloth for sale in the shop is of a wonderful quality and woven in very traditional patterns. Needless to say I did buy a few bits that caught my eye.

 I even spotted a smock hanging from the rafters in the museum area, unfortunately I could not get any closer to have a proper look, but if you click on the image ... it will enlarge

We finished the visit by having lunch in the cafe on site.... absolutely delicious.. .especially the scones. What a treat! We then made our way back to our normal meeting place in Cricklade, and were buzzing with ideas. Great time.... and lovely weather.

Today I am busy celebrating the birthday of "him indoors" .... daughter baked a delicious cake.... no photo of cake .. sorry .... we have eaten it all!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Bank Holiday Monday... and more rain!!!

A Bank holiday Monday in England and so naturally enough its raining for most of the day. Found this rather old photo of a family outing to the then "new" Changi airport, and as you can see .... the photo was taken during a short lull in the monsoon rains. Rather relevant to the weather we have been experiencing lately.
 So we decided to break from family traditions and stayed at home all day today. No special holiday outings for us, we did not fancy the prospect of getting soaking wet, even though I fancied checking out the garden centre.

So to console myself, I spent the day working in the studio with the leftover African fabrics. I am really pleased with the results and it is now ready to quilt with the machine. I also managed to tidy up a bit in there, at least I have some space to work again.

Hope it doesn't rain again tomorrow........ as I am going on an outing and would like to be able to take some photos.... so please order some sunshine for me tomorrow. Maybe a sun dance will do the trick?

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ice Hockey

After the birthday party this afternoon at Daughters house, the whole family went down to the ice rink to watch youngest son/brother/uncle play hockey against Cardiff.
Great, entertaining and enthusiastic game played by both teams. However the star of the game for me  was defenseman No 10.... well done Pete... great game.
 It bought back many wonderful memories of the times he played for Great Britain in the under 12's and then under 14's. Of course in those days he also played street hockey for Great Britain as well.  Good to see he still enjoys his ice hockey.

Patchwork hexagons

( hexagon patchwork pin cushion)

This is a pincushion I made from some left over fabrics manufactured by Rose and Hubble. I found them in my stash from dressmaking days, so a real blast from the past. 

These hexagons of course are a very traditional English Patchwork design. It is generally called Grandmothers flower garden. The hexagons are first cut out of thin card, then covered in fabric and the fabric is tacked into place, the edges are then oversewn by hand. A lovely activity when sat in front of the TV.

( view across Lydiard Park from the house)

Or an ideal activity when stewarding exhibitions, my stint of stewarding at Lydiard House was very busy as we had many visitors that day. It was a lovely opportunity to talk to everyone about what we like to do at Great Western Embroiderers, because we have lots of fun as well as being very creative. The local Link magazine attended the Mayors opening of the "Traditions"  Exhibition at Lydiard House and the article is   here ....

GWE are also featured on the BBC website see here which features the national Museum Night in which you will be able to see behind the scenes at Lydiard House at night. GWE and the Traditions exhibition is featured as a highlight.

( daughters finished hexagon cushion)

Thought I would also post a photo of the finished hexagon cushion made by daughter, so lots of activity again this week in the studio. Also her birthday today... so Happy Birthday!!!