Monday, October 31, 2011

African fabrics

I purchased these African fabrics about 18 months ago, and really liked them, but had no idea how to use them. In fact I have over that time gathered 14 fat quarters of indigo fabric and 1 red. I bought them from Magie Relph... have a look here.

With an exhibition looming for the new year, and the theme being patriotic colours..... I suddenly had a lightbulb moment and have decided how to use these lovely fabrics. I have a design and idea in mind, and so the first stage was to wash the fabrics to remove the excess indigo dye. I have about a month to complete this.... will I manage to meet the deadline? I'll let you know.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ice Hockey

I took this photo some 20 years ago. My youngest son played for the Great Britain junior Ice Hockey team at the time.
He has just taken up Ice hockey again with the recreation team and had his first match last night. He is loving it, but I am pleased he is proving he is fit, and has emerged uninjured from the match.
He was chosen by the manager to play on the first line defence, and had plenty of ice time.
He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Well done Peter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Am I becoming a bag lady??

I had just finished making this lovely bag and had used 3 fat quarters, which I had purchased from Cupcake Cottons a local quilt suppliers based in Burford. I had a look at their blog last week and found they were celebrating their 1st Anniversary of trading with a give a way. I was so proud to have won a prize in their give away and even more pleased when it arrived.

This lovely bag .. do have a look at their shop in Burford if you are in the area... it is really lovely.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Venetian Purse

As a trade in of class skills, Kath came to my studio and gave me a class on making a venetian purse. It is a workshop that Kath gives to Embroiderers groups around the country. I had given a class to Kath all about dyeing with procian dyes. We had great fun on both workshops, working with each other.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stitches use and abuse

One of the tables at a recent workshop, I love to see the creative nests that members like to work in.
This is one of my favourite workshops that I teach. This time I was teaching the Great Western Embroiderers. They were great fun and very hard working.

Just a small selection of the results..... fantastic. Hope to see these pieces of embroidery next month with even more stitching.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Swindon Magnetizer Exhibition

I received an invitation to join a most unusual exhibition. The request was to submit an image that could be used on a fridge magnet. The fridge magnets will form an exhibition around the town and if a member of the public likes it.. they take it with them.

In return for loaning my image I too will get a fridge magnet as a thank you. There is also the opportunity to exhibit the original piece of work in the Wyvern Theatre. More information here...

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Knitting and Stitching, Alexandra Palace 2011

This is the famous window at Ally Pally from the outside, I only realised on this visit that there are statues right up on the top of the roof.

It was a wonderful sunny and clear day, and as you can see the view across London was splendid. You can click on any of these pictures to see more detail.

Started from home at 7am and travelled up with the coach, getting to Ally Pally by about 11am.

Inside at the Show, I visited the sellers area first, and helped my daughter to make the purchases on her shopping list. Unfortunately I was taken ill half way round and kept fainting... so were rescued by 2 very kind ambulance men. I really did feel silly not being able to walk myself to the fresh air.... but I am very grateful to them for wheel chairing me. After about an hour, and a cup of tea and a chocolate bar... all recommended by my medical attendants, I felt a lot better.

First stop was to go and see my dodger mate Dale... I only ever manage to see her once a year when she comes to Ally Pally... we managed to get a few minutes to chat, as she is alwys so busy on her well stocked stall- The Thread Studio.

I managed to see many of the exhibitions I had highlighted.. but as you can imagine had to leave a lot out to. Many of the exhibitors would not allow photos... so I shall leave them out.

However the Practical Study Group- now renamed the Textile study group

allowed me to take photos. I really enjoyed the work, especially as I know a few of the artists.

Another Exhibition in which I was able to take photos was the Islamic Exhibition by John Gillow. I did enjoy inspecting them carefully.

Another exhibition which I enjoyed was Beryl Dean, celebrating 100 years since her birth. She was a wonderful and dedicated Church embroiderer. A huge showing of many of her works... no photos allowed alas as they were selling a catalologue for £10.00

Must also give a huge thank you to Kevin of Art Van Go.. when he heard about what happened to me... he gave me a hand fan, and I have to say it was a great help during the afternoon.

A great day, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite the unexplained fainting bouts. As usual spent all my money, but very sensibly on procian dyes and transfer paints. I also bought Jan Beaneys and Jean Littlejohns new book, which I have dipped into and it is very inspirational.... just what I need today as part of my recuperating.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Working in the October heatwave

The granddaughters have been back to the studio, it was very hot, but the studio was pleasantly cool despite the wax pot. The 2nd waxing of the batik work took place today.

The second layers of colour dye were also applied, they were thrilled with the results. A great deal of discussion around the topic of how to use them was developed. I think the decision is for me to bulk buy some small A5 sketchbooks and these will be beautiful covers for them.

So we decided to use up all the left over dye to dye some fabrics in plain/ space dyed colours to complement the batik, so we could make the backing covers for the sketchbooks too. Their respective parents were very surprised to find all these plastic bags of dye and fabric going home
and instructions for the rinsing and washing to be done today.

In the meantime I have not been idle.. I have finished 2 of these using different hand dyed threads for the kantha quilting.

I have also been playing with the lettering capabilities on my embroidery machine and making slips which I have then machined down and quilted by machine. It has been great fun, and I feel sure I have not even touched the surface of the capabilities of my sewing machine for lettering.