Sunday, October 02, 2011

Working in the October heatwave

The granddaughters have been back to the studio, it was very hot, but the studio was pleasantly cool despite the wax pot. The 2nd waxing of the batik work took place today.

The second layers of colour dye were also applied, they were thrilled with the results. A great deal of discussion around the topic of how to use them was developed. I think the decision is for me to bulk buy some small A5 sketchbooks and these will be beautiful covers for them.

So we decided to use up all the left over dye to dye some fabrics in plain/ space dyed colours to complement the batik, so we could make the backing covers for the sketchbooks too. Their respective parents were very surprised to find all these plastic bags of dye and fabric going home
and instructions for the rinsing and washing to be done today.

In the meantime I have not been idle.. I have finished 2 of these using different hand dyed threads for the kantha quilting.

I have also been playing with the lettering capabilities on my embroidery machine and making slips which I have then machined down and quilted by machine. It has been great fun, and I feel sure I have not even touched the surface of the capabilities of my sewing machine for lettering.


Stripeyspots said...

For just a second I thought the last picture was that of biscuits cooling on a rack... And then I blinked! I loved the batik work and even more that this is what you do with your grandhchildren. How wonderful for them!

Katie said...

these are beautiful, really neat!

--instead of an elephant

Marion said...

You are an obvious inspiration for the girls... very creative results.

Susan said...

Really beautiful, and I love your workspace. I'm also green with envy that you find the time to do all this!
Los Gatos, California