Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another dyeing day in the studio

Had another lovely dyeing class in the studio and here are some of the results of the hard work. Playing around with Shibori and space dyeing is always great fun.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Latest stitching news

The studio has been well used recently, not just by me, but daughter as well. We have been working hard on this Advent Angel. All that is left to do is add some beads and sequins for added glitz.

Oh and of course fill the little pockets with goodies for the days of December.

I have also been working with my African fabrics... they have all been carefully washed and ironed, cut into shapes and some stitched again. I never want to see another triangle.

The stamps on the back of the fabric are fascinating as well... here is one and .......

Here is another.... fascinating.

Of course the work was expertly supervised and approved by Mr Siamese.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn bus journey

On the return bus journey from town after I had viewed the African exhibition, I decided to take a photo of the autumn trees every time the bus stopped for whatever reason. It intrigued some fellow passengers, they probably thought I had lost the plot.

I was quite amazed at how mild the temperatures are for November.... this time last year we had snow.

Most of the deciduous trees near the cemetery are now skeletal.

Whereas many of the bushes and hedges are still in autumn leaf..... amazing. ( click on the photos to enlarge)

Just as promised a quick update.. I have stitched the pieces together... and have taught another dyeing class in my studio.

We are having another class next week... I hope they remember to bring the results back for me to take a photo.. will share with you if they do.

Friday, November 18, 2011

African Exhibition

Went into town yesterday to view this exhibition at the local Artsite Gallery. I do not venture into town very often, as I think parking charges are too expensive. So decided to leave the car at home and go by bus....... more about this journey later! ( tomorrow)

I was not sure what to expect from this exibition, but have to say it was extremely good. The variety of artwork, sculptures and textiles were well displayed and had informative details next to each exhibit, which made the whole experience very informative nad enjoyable.

The modern work by Miro, Picasso and Terry Frost added to the experience. Such a shame the exhibition is only open for a week.... hope we can persuade them to have another soon.

I felt even more fortunate when I was introduced to the collector and have been invited to view more textiles in the collection in 2 weeks time. Such excitement.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some stitching

You probably recognise this space dyed fabric which I dyed earlier this year
I am playing around with this sample as an experiment for an idea I have for an exhibition piece. It is quite pleasing so far, although I think it needs more work, and I might play with the colour arrangements a little more.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Art and the Olympic posters

Studio work again today as you can see, for the grandchildren, and all the artistic endeavours were definitely inspired by the Olympic posters revealed at Tate Britain yesterday lunchtime. See here for more details. Painted papers and scissors and paste were the order of the day to get the creative juices flowing.

Another grandchild decided that he would be a little more athletic and cleaned my car.... Much appreciated by me and the car.
Meanwhile in the studio... paints were called for.. and used to create the following masterpieces... here is the 4 year olds poster.. Bridget Riley must be seriously worried by the competition.

Meanwhile 8 year old is in serious competition with Howard Hodgkin

Its a shame that Tate Britain did not invite the young talent in Britain to take part in this creative poster activity, I really think there are many contenders amongst the youth of today. Such a talented bunch.

Friday, November 04, 2011

A new toy

I have been looking at the Big shot for a long time.... but thought it was too expensive mainly because I do not do a lot of paper work.. but had thought it may be useful for fabric. So what changed?

Well yesterday and offer came through the email with a 25% off coupon. So with yet another birthday on the horizon and the C as well. I was persuaded to buy as my presents for this year.

The cut outs on the left are fabric placed on white paper... the ones on the right are white paper placed on coloured I impressed you bet!!!

I have not even started embossing or printing with it yet...... are you impressed?

Then I was tempted even more by ....Gill. What a temptation !!!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Only Words

A recent visit to the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester was most enjoyable. The current exhibition -Only words- is well worth a visit... but be quick it finishes soon. Have a look here

for more details.

A variety of artists interpreting their thoughts on the literary festival makes for a thought provoking exhibition.

Tea and cakes in the cafe is also a bonus to the visit.