Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tough Times

Its been tough going back to work this week. It is great however, to be working in a brand new 20 million pound (GB) building, but the hard pysical labour of unpacking and finding a place for everything is taking its toll at the moment, I have muscles I did not know I had!!! 'Cos they ache!!!

I am really excited and pleased with the new working environment ....its fantastic.

Have done little of my own work this week, as I have been getting home quite late.Just to cheer me up, will show you some work done with a drawing and then interpreted into fabric and stitches, using a variety of techniques on the same image/design. Hope you enjoy.

Hatched drawing.

Stitched ( machine) drawing

Cable stitched ( machine) sample.

Pattern repeat ( machine).

Stitched computer printout.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Stitch quick update

Have done some stitching this week, despite spending most of my time unpacking. Back to work on Monday and its still chaos, but thats another story!

Here is a snippet of the stitching. Its going for an exhibition later so just a tiny view. It is a lot larger and I am just about to do the final press and mounting etc. So this picture is still a bit bubbly on the surface.

A friend of mine has seen it and really likes it, which is a great morale booster for me. If she decides to purchase it, when it is finished. I will then be able to post a larger picture of it for you to see. Interestingly she sees some quite different objects in the picture to the intended...... so I am busy thinking of an apt title for it now. I just love it when a piece of work I have created sparks an imaginative response in someone else and they tell you about it.

Rural Bank Holiday Show

Living where we do, on the furthest edge of the town, has its advantages. We get a town style bus service, but all the rural agricultural shows on the doorstep. Last Monday was the August Bank Holiday in the UK, and usually we traditionally have loads of agricultural shows in rural areas. So we trotted off to the local show in the afternoon, as we have done for a number of years now. Its a big meeting up of the family clan! Here's a taster of the atmosphere, and animals rule OK?

Schnauzer talk? Our adolescent puppy is on the right, the lazy one, is a younger chum of his!

Horsey talk?

The main arena - centre of attraction? My granddaughter.

Owl talk? Isn't he georgeous?

There was a Marquee with craft goods for sale, home made cakes, home made cards and jewellry a couple of stands selling baby quilted sundries. Could not take a photo in there to show you, but you can probably imagine. There were a number of animal charity stalls, farm suppliers, vehicle suppliers, vets, ice creams, food stalls, flower shows . A great day and the weather shone brightly, despite the weather forcasters threat of rain!

My eldest son was one of the sponsors this year, which was great, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and so did the family, and he will definitely sponsor again next year.