Sunday, May 13, 2018

Gillian Ayres

I have long admired the  British female artist Gillian Ayres.

We are lucky enough to have one of her works in the local Swindon art gallery. I went along to the gallery last Friday for their free lunchtime talk and to look closely at the painting they have which is  called  Florestan( 1986)

It is a fantastic example of abstract art. Local school children have nicknames it "fried eggs".

The size is quite large as is so much of her work.

Link to Swindon Art Gallery blog    here

Her work was included in an exhibition last year at Chichester. Along with Swindon Art Gallery's---- Maggie Hambling piece, descent of the bulls head. Alic eKettle also had a piece in this exhibition.

A review  of the Chichester exhibition by Linda Kasmaty appears Here