Saturday, February 22, 2014

Drinking tea?

I'm afraid I have not been sitting around drinking tea.... although I would dearly love to.
 Life has been far more hectic than I would wish and has demanded skills from me which I do not have. It has also been something of a nightmare trying to organise some support to help deal with the issues. The process is incredibly beaurocratic  and time consuming. My creative output has been nil as a consequence. It has taken all month at the moment and is nowhere near resolution.... wish me luck.. it appears to be a lengthy journey.

The school children have just had a half term break, so 2 year old grandson has taken advantage of having his older sisters at home and has in true family tradition been painting.

Fantastic output...and just look at that happy grin on his face.
BTW the cup of tea in the photo was consumed in a moment I had to myself whilst himself was at the Parkinson's group balance gym.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Drawing - food for the soul?

My car was parked when I took this photo through the windscreen, I wish I had taken my sketchbook and drawn the wonderful image I had in front of me.
I had just attended a meeting at the Marlborough Embroiderers Guild. The talk was by Amanda Hislop, absolutely brilliant,  such an inspiration to get drawing into sketchbooks.
 I did a workshop a few years ago with Amanda and amazingly I blogged about it too... have a look here. I wonder if my photo today was inspired by the work I had just seen at the meeting? 
Amanda very generously allowed me to take a photo of her, but was not keen on me recording her work, so I will not share any photos here, however she  had a wonderful booklet for sale showing her work, and if you would like to see some of her work ----her website is here.
At present she is working on her Prism exhibition work, the annual exhibition which takes place at the Mall Galleries in May. The exhibition is called coded: decoded. details here. We had a sneaky review of her ideas.. its going to be really exciting.
I came away from the meeting very inspired.... I have a free morning tomorrow... just hope the inspiration lasts and I can get into the studio.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Shadows on the wall

Sunshine on the kitchen wall.... the shadows are the proof. ( by the way .... its a fly swatter)

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The best Hot Chocolate in the West.

I take no credit for this very tasty beverage, but can recommend. A meeting at Heelis meant I could indulge..... I love the symbol with the sprinkles.. great effect.

I have been trying to do something creative every day,.... even if only for 15 minutes. Mainly thanks to Myfanwy and her FB - "Be Creative" incentive.
 Here is today's effort. The A2 painting has been hanging around the studio for a few months. Just waiting to have the paint/ dye/ink discharged with bleach...... so today was the day.... 15 minutes later... it was bleached. Why did it take me so long to get down to it? Better post it on FB as well... otherwise they will all think I have been slacking again.