Saturday, September 02, 2006

Stitch quick update

Have done some stitching this week, despite spending most of my time unpacking. Back to work on Monday and its still chaos, but thats another story!

Here is a snippet of the stitching. Its going for an exhibition later so just a tiny view. It is a lot larger and I am just about to do the final press and mounting etc. So this picture is still a bit bubbly on the surface.

A friend of mine has seen it and really likes it, which is a great morale booster for me. If she decides to purchase it, when it is finished. I will then be able to post a larger picture of it for you to see. Interestingly she sees some quite different objects in the picture to the intended...... so I am busy thinking of an apt title for it now. I just love it when a piece of work I have created sparks an imaginative response in someone else and they tell you about it.


Leanne Hurren said...

Lovely colours Maggie. I really like kantha type stitching but struggle to get the effect, any tips?

jackie said...

Wonderful colours and texture. don't press it too mcuh.

Helen Cowans said...

That small sample looks lovely Maggie, can't wait to see all of it. I like texture and colours Helen