Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tough Times

Its been tough going back to work this week. It is great however, to be working in a brand new 20 million pound (GB) building, but the hard pysical labour of unpacking and finding a place for everything is taking its toll at the moment, I have muscles I did not know I had!!! 'Cos they ache!!!

I am really excited and pleased with the new working environment ....its fantastic.

Have done little of my own work this week, as I have been getting home quite late.Just to cheer me up, will show you some work done with a drawing and then interpreted into fabric and stitches, using a variety of techniques on the same image/design. Hope you enjoy.

Hatched drawing.

Stitched ( machine) drawing

Cable stitched ( machine) sample.

Pattern repeat ( machine).

Stitched computer printout.


Zaz said...

wow! love these interpretations Maggie. Nice to see drawings into stitch

MargaretR said...

Wonderful development of the drwings Maggie.

downunderdale said...

super stuff, Maggie - makes one itch t get ging