Saturday, October 28, 2006

Its been a long time..........

Hope I am now back to blogging on a more regular basis. Its been a tough month, I have been working at my own work, but not blogging. Unfortunately was not enough time in a day to do both and work full time too.

My work recently has consisted of getting stuff ready for some exhibitions later this year and the start of next. This has involved framing and finishing. Takes such a long time to do. It is quite satisfying to see it all finished and ready to go.

Then followed a week of total lack of creativity......I was I did some charcoal sketches ( on A1 paper), I like to work to music and just let go...... here is one of the results.

Once I have done these sort of exercises - I can usually start playing in my sketchbbok. Still all very abstract. Tried to photograph my sketchbook tonight to show you and as you can see had lots of help!!

Hope you can see some of the sketches, despite the helper.

Not quite sure what is going on with this next page, have been doodling. We'll see how it evolves.

A quick refreshment break for some - that's my painting water, just as well I had just put some clean water into the jar. Will have to go and fill it up again to carry on painting.

A few more pages, am on a roll - so I think I will just colour pages and start drawing onto the pages afterwards.

Its good to be back.


nadine said...

wonderful to be seeing your work again. And your helper seems to be so involved & Hands-on. So to speak. Great to see your new works-in-the -making

MargaretR said...

It's great to have you back to inspire me Maggie. Your music sketch reminds me of a little boy many years ago doing exactly the same thing with paint on an easel. Signing the Magic Roundabout music daa da di da a. It was great and he was only 3 years old.

downunderdale said...

these are so inspirational Maggie - makes me want to get back to work and stop all this carting and sorting etc