Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn bus journey

On the return bus journey from town after I had viewed the African exhibition, I decided to take a photo of the autumn trees every time the bus stopped for whatever reason. It intrigued some fellow passengers, they probably thought I had lost the plot.

I was quite amazed at how mild the temperatures are for November.... this time last year we had snow.

Most of the deciduous trees near the cemetery are now skeletal.

Whereas many of the bushes and hedges are still in autumn leaf..... amazing. ( click on the photos to enlarge)

Just as promised a quick update.. I have stitched the pieces together... and have taught another dyeing class in my studio.

We are having another class next week... I hope they remember to bring the results back for me to take a photo.. will share with you if they do.


jennifer richard said...

very nice journey and memorable

CZ Jewelry said...

Nice Pics