Friday, November 04, 2011

A new toy

I have been looking at the Big shot for a long time.... but thought it was too expensive mainly because I do not do a lot of paper work.. but had thought it may be useful for fabric. So what changed?

Well yesterday and offer came through the email with a 25% off coupon. So with yet another birthday on the horizon and the C as well. I was persuaded to buy as my presents for this year.

The cut outs on the left are fabric placed on white paper... the ones on the right are white paper placed on coloured I impressed you bet!!!

I have not even started embossing or printing with it yet...... are you impressed?

Then I was tempted even more by ....Gill. What a temptation !!!!!


MargaretR said...

I think I need one too!

thomaru said...

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