Monday, May 14, 2012

Patchwork and Annette's Angels

The second quilt using African fabrics has been completed. It  came together quite easily and so I am quite pleased about this, as it has cleared my studio for some newer work I want to get on with. The newer work will have to wait until next week however, as I have quite a busy week ahead of me.

Today, I went along to  the Marlborough Branch of the Embroiderers Guild as  Annette Emms was giving her talk about Gargoyles, Ghosts and Angels. It was lovely to catch up with Annette again and see her latest work with Angels. She has written a workshop for the next edition of Stitch magazine. Cannot wait to see  the article, called Create Heavenly Angels.. see here .

I am busy getting my supplies and teaching materials ready for the Workshop I am teaching in Hampshire on Thursday and have some new ideas as well. Should be fun!

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Gone South said...

I really love this blue and white fabric - i wondered where you found it. The stitching is really effective on the white fabric - did you do this by hand? It is so regular. Beautiful.