Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buscot House and Park

Despite the rain, hail and dark skies overhead, we had a great time at Buscot House and Park today. Luckily we were in the house when the heavens opened and then glorious sunshine whilst we strolled through the gardens. The daffodils are still holding their own, but the trees are spectacular..

For more infomation about this National Trust property....... click here.

The Art collection at Buscot House is well worth seeing, especially the Salon which has so many Burne- Jones Paintings, quite amazing....... have a look here

The Oxford Times had a wonderful review of the "Losing the Thread" Exhibition at Bampton today.. you can read it here. I was very pleased by it.
Erin at West Ox Arts has posted some great photos of the private view here on her blog.

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Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you today at Bampton and to see your beautiful Turner pieces. Mair's work too is very thought-provoking. I will send a link to our final exhibition in Missenden via e-mail.
Thanks again,