Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm back...... yippeee! Bampton Gallery this Saturday?

I am absolutely thrilled to be back, I have been lost to blogland since my last post.... and the new interface imposed on us all by blogger....and the result was  my blog had no functions. I did ask for help on the Forum..... and basically was ignored.
However I am not one to be beaten by technology. The answer was to use my new computer that I have been ignoring for the last year..... serves me right for being such an old stick in the mud. First try on the new computer and here I am blogging on the new interface.... looks good to me ..... just hope there will be no problems when I try to publish the post.
This new keyboard is a bit strange, so any typing errors , you can blame on the new keyboard.

The reason for using the photo, is I am stewarding and demonstrating at Bampton Gallery again this Saturday (28th April) and it would be lovely to see you there.


MargaretR said...

Great news Maggie!

Lorraine said...

Welcome back,
Been wondering where you were! Can't make the show as I'm stewarding myself at our(SVQ)own display in Thornbury Arts Trail, but look forward to seeing the pictures. I am a bit baffled by the new interface too!
Take care
Monkey business and Quilts