Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Stitching until the fingers are sore!

Glorious sunshine today and the grass was visible in the garden too. The sun is quite low in the sky, even at lunchtime when this photo was taken, so wonderful long shadows. great photo opportunity.

This is the stitching that is giving me the sore fingers, I had forgotten how long it takes to stitch using cross stitch , but I am nearly finished. I still have to frame it, but think I might just get it completed in time for the exhibition.
I have also been a little bit distracted by the purchase of a crock pot. We like stews quite a lot, and I am so fed up with having culinary disasters. I have become quite adept recently at burning meals. I tend to cook goulash on the top of the hob....... and then get distracted by something far more interesting than cooking ( and yes .. that Cotswold sheep has something to answer for as well!).. .... so you've guessed - burnt offerings for dinner.. yet.. AGAIN.

I do find cooking so boring and cannot be bothered to stand over the cooker..... so hopefully this crock pot will be the answer. I have ordered a couple of cook books from Amazon to help me try and avert disaster. Can food be burnt in a slow cooker?

Ist meal last night was a total success, and a steamed pudding is in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. Great stuff.

Right, better go,  that Cotswold sheep will not stitch itself.


Charlton Stitcher said...

Cotswold sheep is looking brilliant - I love its face. Can't wait to see all the other work next Tuesday.

Surrendor said...

Your style of writing is incredibly entertaining, I enjoyed it thoroughly! More updates please!!