Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Decisions -some good and some undecided!

( sorry about the poor colour quality of the photo)
I am very pleased with the new walking foot for my sewing machine, it made very light work of quilting in the ditch on the William Morris quilt, as well as easily stitching the binding into place. A good buy.
 I hemmed the binding to the back by hand. Took me quite a long time, but I really like the finish it gives to the quilt. A good decision. 
 The hanging sleeve is made, but it needs to be attached to the back of the quilt... more hand stitching. The hands are aching too much today from all the hard work.... another good decision.

My cross stitch Cotswold sheep is also well under way, but I am having problems deciding how to present it for the exhibition. Maybe a frame... but with glass or maybe not. Or maybe mounted onto foam board..... decisions..... decisions. What would be best?

All the snow has now disappeared, and we have grey days of rain and wind. Not very pleasant at all. I have been staying at home stitching and have ordered the groceries online to be delivered tomorrow. Another good decision.

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