Sunday, January 20, 2013

Even more snow!

Well the weather forecasters did not tell us we were going to have another 5 hours of light snow today.  All the snow was to fall in the East of England... not here! It was very icy as they did forecast. I thought with all the clever satellites and stuff they have nowadays the weather forecast could be more accurate.

Some of my UK Internet buddies are busy photographing footprints in the snow, and as you can see from the 1st photo, our snow is a bit deep for that. Herr Schnauzer has left lots of foot prints....and so has tried to help me... but the snow is too deep.
So instead I have taken this strange 2nd photo of the snow starting to melt on the garden chair and then freezing in this strange curve. It is solid and icy. Very odd.
However lots of stitching was done on the Cotswold cross stitch sheep. The light was particulary good today despite the snow.

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