Sunday, February 17, 2013

I seem to be disappearing!

I seem to be disappearing if my clothes are an accurate measure. A lot of my skirts and trousers are too big. This is not a deliberate action on my part, as I do not believe in losing weight  or dieting  at all.
So where is it all going? A mystery.

Getting on the scales has not  been an activity for me since the early 1990's, when the GP (doctor) and I were both frightened by my sparse frame due to ME ( clear explanation here). The physical pain and tiredness was extreme, and so to help recovery the doctor suggested I need to concentrate on increasing my weight.

I have some very good spells of health now due to an increased  body  weight. So needless to say I also love my food.

To cut a long story short--- it was time to make cake!!!!
I really cannot afford to have a relapse, so there were 3 eggs in the fridge..... weighed them and equal parts of Castor sugar and flour........ strawberry jam in the middle... lemon icing on top. A  Victoria sandwich for tea. When we ate a slice it was still warm. Nothing like home made cake.
At least I know whats in it. Unlike some of the processed foods at the moment. Oh and just to update you, the Crock pot is cooking a brisket joint for dinner this evening. Smells delicious!

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