Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buscot Park

We used to go to Buscot Park near Faringdon when the children were very young to watch the firework displays by the lake in November every year. We felt we got a double helping and the children could watch the wonderful reflections on the lake. Needless to say have not been back for years although it is on our doorstep. Took the grandchildren along there yesterday and of course we had a great time. As we had packed the wellies in the boot of the car.. it did not rain!

Plenty of opportunities within the grounds of Buscot Park for drawing and admiring artwork.

Grandson is merely 5 years old and can draw brilliantly. He also loves to look at paintings and drawings in galleries, and talk about them. In fact he can give Brian Sewell a run for his money in the talking department. Buscot house has a fine collection of Pre- Raphaelite paintings and his questioning and vocal observations caused an audience of adults to listen to him, whilst the guide and I were trying to answer his incredibly detailed questions.

After viewing the house... we then took full advantage of the wonderful grounds.

We drew and walked and ran and played, and were pleased to get to the tea shop for refreshments after a very busy time. I can really recommend the orange and lemon cake! We drove home with some very tired, quiet and happy children. I had a lovely surprise this morning. the children bought me a huge bunch of flowers and Granddaughter had made me a lovely thank you card with butterflies. We saw so many butterflies yesterday.. they were very beautiful.

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