Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ruskin Mill, Summer Exhibition

Went along to Ruskin Mill to see the end of Term exhibition, which unfortunately they had taken down the day before, even though it was advertised as being open until September 1st. So was rather disappointed, until we hit the coffee shop and they make the most wonderful Victoria Sandwich with real cream. Instant forgiveness.

Then had a stroll through the site, and was so impressed, it was wonderful. This amazing carved garden bench.

Click on the photo to enlarge and have a look at the ceramic tiles.

The space was tranquil and offered visitors the opportunity for meditative thinking. They had a wonderful kitten roaming the site, who was friendly and playful. We also spoke to a couple of young residents. So inspiring and enthusiastic.
As I had never been to this area before, went into Nailsworth to have a look around and found a fantastic textile shop called [Olivia Dell] - [World Textiles] [ Folk Art] An Aladdin's cave of eye candy. Quite amazing.


Gill said...

Nailsworth's a great place, you're right, Maggie. did you succumb to a loaf from Hobbs?

I came across the textile shop at some fair or other earlier in the year. She's not been there long - don't know whether she'll manage to keep going there...not much passing trade I'd have thought.

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