Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day Trip to Bath

Took the Grandchildren to Bath for the day. Nothing particularly special about that, other than we travelled by train. Such excitement, they had never been on a train before, so a very special experience for them.

After arriving at Bath station we walked to the River Avon and made our way to Poulteney Bridge and Weir. The children were very impressed by the canal boats and really wanted to go and look inside, and were amazed that people lived on them.

We then walked to Henrietta Street Park.... really wonderful and quite peaceful. We had an early picnic lunch there. Unfortunately the garden for the blind was temporarily closed as the gardeners were working in there. I had wanted the children to immerse their noses in the flower smells.

So we walked back to Pulteney Bridge, and they dragged me past the Victoria Art Gallery, with "not today Nanny"! Then Sauntered to the Cathedral to see the entertainments. I say sauntered as when a 2 year old insists on walking , the pace is quite slow.

By time we got to the Cathedral, it was afternoon nap time, so the pushchair and comforter were suddenly required.

We were not disappointed with the entertainment at the Cathedral, a unicycle rider with flaming torches and some wonderful buskers. The stars of the show for us were though were these 2, however. They fascinated the 5 year old and terrified the 10 year old. How strange.

We did look to see how much it would cost to go in the Roman Baths Museum, decided it was too expensive for all of us

So walked on through the centre of Bath towards Victoria Park, and on to the playground... and of course ice cream. The children had a wonderful time, whilst we were able to sit in the shade of the trees.Then a slow walk - 2 year old pace- back along the river bank, back to Green Park, wonderful swings there which were all well and truly tested. There is also a fatastic cafe at the old Green Park station with the best danish and doughnuts we have tasted in a long time.
So suitably re-fuelled, we wander back to the station, watched a few trains come into the station before finally our train came in, and 3 tired and happy children climbed on board. Great day out, no shopping, but Bath certainly has a lot to offer children.


Gill said...

Glad you had a good day. Bet you were cream crackered!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Most certainly were Gill. The children could not wait to go to bed that night. That was definitely a first and the 2 year old said.. "my legs tired"! She walked nearly as far as we did and I was shattered! Maggie

MargaretR said...

You obviously had a great day out Maggie. I haven't visited Bath since my sons were young and I know that lovely pig was not there then. At 10 I would have been scared too, too much imagination.

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