Monday, November 26, 2007


Feel like rambling on today, probably a direct effect of the virus I have in my head and throat. Its driving me mad. I blame himself of course, as I had to take him to the hospital and doctors last week, places I try and avoid at all costs, could have sent him by taxi, but seems a bit cruel now I have taken early retirement. These places are full of sick people, and I do not like catching their illnesses, however seems like I have succumbed. So am feeling very sorry for myself.

Thanks to the lovely folks leaving me comments on my blog..... Veronique the shop has had a lot of visitors since our exhibition went in the window, by the way love those bags on your blog you have lucky daughters and Helen C we have had quite a few enquiries about folks wanting to join since the radio show.

The CD cases are so easy to make a display with, HelenS, they are far better than a book with printed CV's.

Angela enjoy your visit to Swindon on Wednesday... if you go in the shop... say hello to the owner from me. She is going to start stocking wool soon, so I expect you will become a regular visitor.

Talking of wool, the knitting is progressing despite the awful headaches and coughing fits, which are rather more like work-outs for the pelvic floor.
Have just realised I am close to my 250th posting, however the slow rate of posting in November, it probably means it will be Christmas day before I manage it.... how should we celebrate? Any ideas? Right back to the coughing...........

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verobirdie said...

Thanks for the comment about the bags :-). Glad you had many visitors.
I hope you feel better soon. And i'm sure you'll finish the knitting in time.