Monday, November 05, 2007

In the dog house!!!

For this post to make sense you may want to re-read my previous post.... here. What a difference 2 hours make!

Yes, Herr Schnauzer is in the dog house.... definitely in my bad books..... thats why he is hiding under the settee. Can you spot the difference in this photo of my knitting--- to the previous post??

Yes, the knitting is no longer on the needle, and yes, the end of the knitting needle has disappeared......chewed! I am not a happy bunny, this piece of knitting is dogged by bad luck..... Herr Schnauzers only saving grace is he did not chew the knitting! He has not chewed anything in the last 2 years why this knitting needle and row counter???
Now I need to buy new size 4 knitting needles and a row counter. I shall have to stop his pocket money, ground him even. This cardigan will never get finished for Christmas ...and I have the perfect excuse....the dog chewed it!


verobirdie said...

LOL, sorry, but he looks so guilty!
But I agree, it is frustrating to have one's knitting chewed by the dog. At least, you were only at the beginning. A friend of mine was nearly finished, and the dog did chew the knitting, not the needles.
Good luck!

Rosalind said...

Don't you just love'em :o)

He is really stricken isn't he? Maybe he was jealous?

I am sorry about your knitting , and the needle but I can't help laughing at his picture!