Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wiltshire countryside

Last weekend I spent at Urchfont, deep in the countryside of Wiltshire. Here is the evidence of autumn... quite spectacular.

After recent conversations with Clyde Oliver about shadows, I could not resist taking this very flattering photo of my shadow. I have some really long legs.. can photos tell lies?

Amazingly there was evidence of some flowers still in bloom.... this rather lonely rose on a south facing and sheltered wall. However I was ther to work on my projects for the weekend and one of my first tasks was to create a shroud for the green man that Gordon Dickenson had created. ( I did ask his permission to do this). I wanted to do some rust dyeing. Considering it had only 36hours to perform.. not a bad result. The gardener was a little concerned/surprised on the sunday morning when he saw the green man covered in calico!

I did do a lot of other work.... but bacause of these rather intense rules about showing work before exhibiting pictures of the stuff I have been working on.

Thought I would leave you with some photos of the Saturday evening sunsets.... spectacular.

Still knitting.........

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Angelcat said...

Those sunsets look spectacular!