Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knitting Saga

After the Great Western Embroiderers meeting on Tuesday afternoon, Sue gave me a lift home to have a cup of tea and had the dubious pleasure of meeting Herr Schnauzer and Sir Siamese... (the old lady moggy was having her afternoon nap - so no sign of her). Sue is a great buddy.. she sorted out my knitting for me. Thanks so much Sue.

Here it is after Sue got me going again. The first 2 rows of the pattern.

Five days later I am pleased to say I have managed to get quite a way up the back. Will it be finished for Christmas? Place your bets now!

Impressed?? I am.

Here is the cherub, that it is destined for... just hope she does not grow too fast! As you can see abig girl for 9 months old.... sorry about the dummy! She loves it.....I hate it!

Have so many other things to talk and write about, it has been such an exciting week. Unfortunately not much time. Off to dinner with eldest son in a minute... so I had better dash. Will try to bring the blog up to date later.... but if I do not manage it, at least you will know that I am knitting for Christmas!


verobirdie said...

I'm impressed by your knitting. If you keep on that speed, no doubt you'll be finished by Xmas.
She is a beautiful baby. She will look so good in that jumper.

Sue said...

Wow, great progress, Maggie! Those were a few moments well spent and I'm so pleased it's now progressing well.