Thursday, August 30, 2007

Colouring the Cloth

I was going to call this post - dyeing again- but on reflection thought it sounded rather macabre, so have settled for a very obvious heading. Its been rather hectic the recently, had another birthday party yesterday, 3 year old this time. Jessica has had rather a hard time in her short life, her hearing has been impaired and this year she had grommets fitted.

The wonderful part of this is her hearing has improved tremendously, and she is now starting to speak properly. We decided to buy her a doll, not just any doll, but a talking doll. She loved it straight away. So we were relieved, and then we put the batteries in. This doll is a non-stop talker, only trouble was it was all in Czech. Reading the instructions a little more carefully, this doll is bi-lingual, switch a switch and she speaks English as well.

Now I wish I had a switch on my back that would allow me to be bi-lingual, how clever is that?

However I digress as usual. Back to the textiley stuff.... have added some more colour to my stash.... in fact a lot more.

So out came the cooking pot and all the paraphernalia.

Here is the first batch on the line.. poppy colour. Not such a good light outside today, its a bit dull and overcast. Again I have a selection of muslin, silk and calico and some threads.

Now I'm not telling tales.... but the supervisor thinks his job is part time.... here he is having a morning nap! Whilst I'm slaving away at the hot stove.

So here we have Poppy and Pea Green........ Now I loathe green... I hardly ever use it. My mates will tell you, I usually give any green in my stash away happily. However I have decided - I am now grown up and need to use green occasionally. Time will tell!

Of course when dh turns up with a new pedal bike ( this folds and fits in the boot of the car) Herr Schnauzer, the supervisor is most attentive and supervises the checking of the tyre pressure. When dh tells me the cycle fits in the boot of the car..... I cannot help myself... and you will know we live at the top of a hill from the recent flood stories.

Well....... I pondered whether ... he would drive the car to a location in town ( bottom of hill) catch a bus home .... then cycle to the car.... put the cycle in the boot and drive home in the car?? That way he does not need to cycle uphill... its a killer!!

Needless to say my ponderings were not well received. I digress again.

Back to the real work. I did four lots of colours and feel very pleased with myself. All ironed and ready to use.


Pea Green
and of course you already know about the lemon yellow.
That's it for now folks.... I'm shattered....


Angelcat said...

Wow you have been busy! Your colours look great, I think the marigold is especially beautiful.

Anne Wigfull said...

Love all the colours, even the green[g].

Bea said...

What colourful days. Looks all very great! I´m looking forward to your projekts!

Maggie Grey said...

I think Clive would just settle for me having an off switch sometimes!

katelnorth said...

Never mind the switch to make you bilingual, how about a child with an off switch! I have a couple of non-stop talkers and boy, it would be a relief. For that matter, if they would jabber away in Czech all day, I could just ignore them, so perhaps that would work, too :)

Great dyeing, by the way, everything looks fabulous.