Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sunshine and Rain

It was a case of Rain, Rain go away today. A good day to practise the old nursery rhyme. We did have spells of intense sunshine, inbetween the heavy rain showers and thunder.

The sun created, when it was out, some wonderful shadows on the buildings, and I did manage to capture this image . The photo has flattened the image somewhat, but the intense shadow still shows up.
I spent most of today working in my sketchbook, and am rather pleased with myself, as I really enjoyed the creativity. Perfect activity for this sort of weather.
Also managed to sort out some of my old paintings and drawings. Always a pleasurable exercise.
This painting took me down memory lane. One of my first acrylic paintings, it is of the playground of Gilberts Hill Infants School. It was housed in a beautiful old Victorian brick building. It was closed down as being too small and too expensive to run, despite excellent teachers and education for the studetns, and it has now been converted to apartments. So this painting is part of history now.
Wonder if anyone visiting my blog remembers the school? The old school was situated between old and new town, with this glimpse across the roof tops. No grass for the children to play on..... just tarmac.
Let's hope for better weather tomorrow. No stitch today

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Susan said...

I wish you could send your rain to South Carolina where last week's temperature hit an all time high of 107 degrees...I have no idea what that is in Celsius, but it's really, really hot. Your photography is breath-taking.
Thanks for the comments on my blog!