Friday, August 17, 2007

Day out to Mottisfont Abbey

As members of the National Trust, we decided this year to get a family ticket and put all the grandchildren onto our membership. It was a good investment as yesterday proved.

We had wanted to take some of the grandchildren to the New Forest for a while now. It had always proved a great day out for our own children, so we wished to make sure the Grandchildren experienced these same simple delights.

Hence we decided to start our visit, by going to the very edge of the New Forest, and visit Mottisfont Abbey at opening time. The weather was promising sunshine and showers, so we took wellies and macs as a precaution.

We arrived before the Abbey opened, but we had a 5 month old baby to feed first, and children to water as well, so the half hour wait to opening soon passed.

The children were entranced right from the start.... going over a little river bridge, with lots of rainbow trout swimming obligingly so the children could see them. A special moment. We walked along the River, which runs through the grounds and the children were permitted to run over the perfectly manicured stripey lawns.

We marvelled at the massive London Plane trees... well I did, and despite having taken my sketchbook, there was no chance of sketching. So camera had to suffice

There was no way of photographing the whole tree...... then I read the notice... and reality dawned! Well it was early in the morning.

We carried on walking beside the river, which was still quite swollen after the recent rains. The children were fascinated by the garden sculptures

We also stopped to admire the bright blue dragonflies, beautiful sight... very hard to catch in a photo! There are 2 in the following photo... can you spot them? The photo will enlarge if you click on it.

I looked back towards the Abbey at this point and managed to get a photo of the large plane tree, on the left of the picture.

We let the children run and play, and then went into the house. Fabulous Art collection, explained if you click the link Mottisfont Abbey. We had lunch in the Cafe... excellent as always.

The Rose Garden is indescribably wonderful.

This is a place I would like to return to and draw and sketch.... lots for everyone to do.

We then moved on to the New Forest, to a clearing we know well, allowing the children to play and the adults to rest and feed the baby once more.
Fabulous day out ..... with some very sleepy children in the car on the way home.

Three year old grandson stole the day...... " I love the New Forest, Nanny... and I am on holiday all today until I go to bed! "

Loved my Horoscope for today too ............think I will definitely have to follow this advice

"""Too much work around the house and not enough help from others could have your nerves as taut as violin strings, and you might be tempted to snap at those around you. Perhaps it would be best to let the work go for today. The Moon-Pluto square across your sixth and ninth houses isn't going to make it any easier. Try to find something creative to do instead of throwing yourself into drudgery. You'll feel less stressed about it tomorrow"""

No problem with that.. off to the Featival of Quilts in Birmingham, tomorrow as well. So bound to have a good day. Now to get some coffe and then stitching and drawing.... yes!

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