Friday, August 03, 2007

Tat and this and the other.....

Had to go in search of the bits and pieces in amongst all my stash, for this particular craft. I have been asked to teach others "how to" in September. So being a good teach... though I had better get some Visual Aids sorted... not just finished pieces..... this one is a really simple edging.

I was quite surprised how easily I fell into tatting again. Grandchildren are fascinated by the shuttle flying back and forth.... better than television for mesmerising them into silence!

I have been very busy this last month sorting/disposing/decluttering, all the years of teaching stuff I seem to have accumulated. It is a very liberating thought that I never have to worry about meeting the requirements of KS3 again. I have re-cycled all the paperwork. Of course you come across stuff that is still important and I could not throw away..... like some clay tiles I made last year as a Visual Aid for the GCSE students. I have identified this space..... ( the wall in the outside porch to the house)

for these tiles.....

Hope these two can be married together soon.

Now I know he reads my blog...... so please can they be nailed onto the wall?

However, in his defence, we have been celebrating our wedding anniversary this week. Children have been great and showered us with flowers and chocolates.

Talking of flowers... did some more drawing today and backed some more drawings with muslin. Will have to get some stitching done into them before I photograph them for you.

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Helen Suzanne said...

Now this is something that I've always found impressive. Tatting! it seems like magic and I love the effects. I can understand how it mesmerises the children - it does me.