Wednesday, August 22, 2007

After the Show--Quilt 2007

Am still feeling totally inspired by the work I have been fortunate to have seen this last weekend. My own work has been curtailed a little, as we are having new double glazed glass units inserted into our window frames. Hence the - Still life II

Life is not still in this house...... I have been frantically trying to clear all the areas in front of the windows, why do all the spiders in the world decide to descend on my house to build their cobwebs??? I hope they have now all decided to re-locate.

The next show I am going to is the Knitting and Stitching Show, again at Birmingham. I decided on that location as the coach is very reasonable and the journey is fairly quick. Ally Pally is quite a nightmare to get to from the West Country.

However it looks as if I will be going to Ally Pally as well, as I have been asked to "man" the CTDG stall. More details later, and hopefully may have the opportunity of meeting many of you.

So lots more inspiration on the horizon. so exciting....... must do some work ..... did I tell you about the new embroidery group ? Have a look here .........If you are interested please contact me.

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