Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Feeling.....

Where did the weekend go?

Saturday was spent babysitting three of the grandchildren all afternoon and evening. Loved it....... we played with water, pebbles and did loads of drawing and collaging. We looked at the latest edition of Stitch that I had bought and had a great discussion about dolls and how to make them. They know I made a more traditional doll a while ago and they play with her when they are here. She is completely hand made - even her real leather shoes. I enjoyed making her.

Any way, there was also plenty of changing nappies, feeding and making tea. I had a whale of a time. I had forgotten how great it is to have children around.

Had also forgotten how exhausting they can be, but did not feel tired until I had got them all to bed!

Sunday I spent the afternoon reading the book"Perfume" it really was too hot to do anything else. Sara is reading it too...... her reactions are posted in her sketchbook on her blog...... fantastic work... love it Sara. Wish you lots of fun and good wishes on your Opus journey. I know you will enjoy it.

I have done a little more with my sketches today. Considering I have used Black Quink ink... it is all very blue! This one has been backed with muslin - ready to stitch- now am not sure I want to stitch it. I like the effect as it is.

I have been stitching into some of my other ideas..... swapping back and forth between machines. Makes my dh laugh when he sees me - here are my e-bay machines. Both have been working hard today. The electric one I use for Free machine embroidery, and the W & G I use for doing some chain stitch ...... now if only I had more arms.... I could use both machines at the same time.
What did we do before e-bay?? Now if only I had a bigger studio I could have a treadle too......
Anyone know where there is a Sewing Machine Anonymous group for those addicted like me? You either love them or hate them!
You might like to check this You tube link... here. Some traditional patchwork for you to enjoy, and the exhibition is on now.... if you happen to be in Anglesey ( Wales). The video runs a little fast, so I used the stop and forward button to get a better look. Hope you enjoy.


Liz said...

There's a sewing machine museum, Maggie, in France, which would drive you wild! I think it's near Lyon - I can dig out the location on my textile museums map if you like!

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
I love the doll you made how very talented you are .
I'm not too far from llangefni I might try and see that patchwork exhibition. It certainly is amazing work