Monday, August 15, 2011

Festival of Quilts 2011

I was wondering if going on a Sunday would be very quiet, and yes it was, but oh so enjoyable. I took my daughter for her first visit and it was really good to see the Festival through a newcomers eyes. she loved it. We are planning to bring the granddaughter next year and so also had a look to see what was available for the youngsters... and let me assure you there is plenty. Think she will enjoy it as much as he mum did!

After looking around the trade stands and making some wonderful purchases, we were ready for a quick lunch. After feeling very refreshed we headed straight to the Cairo Embroiderers... WOW!!! Truly wonderful work .. all hand appliqued. ( all the photos should enlarge if you click on them)

There were pictorial images of Egypt.

as well as more patterned pieces.

( click on the photo to enlarge and read the details)

Close by in the Exhibition area, these brave soles were taking part in an interactive studio. ( I did ask permission to take this photo)

Here are the results of the interactive studio over the 4 festival days.

On the back wall was this very impressive quilt, and this photo only shows a little of it. Read the information below.

( click to enlarge)

I thought this particular entry from Norway was fantastic...

In the 3D section thought these dolls were a wonderful light and dark touch!

These smocked dresses which were incorporated into a quilt made me wonder at the care and skill of the needle worker.

The colourful impact of this quilt was impressive.

This is a small section of one of the winning quilts.. all work is by hand.

We had a wonderful day, and I really enjoyed all the work. Lastly I also loved the SAQA show this year, but sadly no photos allowed. A large mono print of a black circle on natural fabric really caught my eye..... but you had to be there to see it to appreciate what I am talking about.

If ypou would liek to see plenty of the quilts.... pop along to Maggi's blog here and enjoy!

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