Friday, August 26, 2011

Studio work.....

Had to share this with you.... this is swinging in the rain.... what a hoot we had!!!!
I am taking part in the local Open Studios this year.... and am pleased to have received the posters advertising. I noticed in the brochure and on the Open Studio 2011 website I am numbered 23 on the map. However at the moment the studio is being well used by the grandchildren during their summer holidays.

This is another session of Batik and we worked very hard to get the designs right. All freehand and no drawing before hand. The grandaughters became very confident and skilled in using the hot wax.

Here are the cooled wax designs being painted with dye.. notice the rubber gloves! Interestingly... I was the one who had dye stained fingers.... much to the amusement of the granddaughters.

We took a break after lunch to the local playground to have a go on the swings...... as you can see in the 1st photo. The fresh air was really good for the creative process. We returned to the studio with great enthusiasm.

Some of the completed work.... so fantastic.

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