Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Not only did we decide to have a day out on the promise of the only day of good weather this week, but also decided to take the A 303 to get to Stourhead. Mmmmm! After a short while we came to a total stop, mush to the amusement of this herd of cows... however I think they were busy looking across the road to a very famous site.....................

Yes thought you would recognise it.. Stonehenge. The car was at a total standstill... so could not miss the photo opportunity.

We crawled a few yards along the road... so I took another photo...... we did finally getto Stourhead at lunchtime.. but well worth the slow journey.

The sun was shining and the gardens were splendid.

I walked all round the lake and must confess my legs were aching by time I got back to the car.... wonderful day out. I did take loads of photos.... but.. something wrong with the camera ;0(

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Angela said...

Looks like you had a lovely day apart from the traffic! I haven't been to Stourhead for a few years really must get back there it's always lovely