Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my return after a break. Spent some time yesterday digging around in my room and found the coloured Shibori I did at the beginning of the month, it was still wrapped around the pole and all stringed up ( is that a word?). So I untied it and am really pleased with it. Can you guess how I did it?

Ventured out into the garden today, lovely sunshine but bitterly cold. A hedgehog has been driving Herr schnauzer to distraction every evening with his presence in the garden. I really thoought they were supposed to hibernate this time of year. So I went to have a look in daylight.. No sign of the hedgehog, so maybe he only visits late evening when it is dark. Had a peek at the gardening catalogue that is in the garden being distressed. ( blame Maggie Grey for all these mad women collecting catalogues to put in the garden... quite ritualistic!).

Have also been playing with Gesso and making books.. just have some hand stitching to do and then put some pages inside..... was going to play this afternoon, but am now thinking after the groceries have been delivered, I may go for a walk, as its a lovely day. Weather men are promising us some rotten weather again tomorrow. But first will watch the Aussie soaps on the TV whilst I eat lunch.

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carrie said...

Did you paint it after you scrunched it?

nice to see you back :)