Monday, June 15, 2009

Good times

Have been having a good time recently with stitching and working. One of my main occupations at the moment is getting work prepared to go to Barnstable for September. I belong to a group called Urchfont Embroiderers and we are exhibiting at Barnstable Museum from the 12th September to the 7th November 2009. There are 7 members in the group and so we all need to send along a lot of work, so the final selection for the exhibition will look good. Hope you can go if you are in the neighbourhood. I shall be exhibiting my " faces " series.

Have also been trying to de- stash the loft of all the years of accumulated junk. Not much help from Mr Siamese..he would much rather watch from the bedroom. Such a big job to do, why oh why do we put so much " might come in handy" stuff, up there?

Took some of the grandchildren to Dyrham Park in the half term holiday. We had a wonderful time. The children were entranced by the deer and the 2 year old insisted on walking everywhere. Walking her towards the church in the grounds she went very heavy at the end of my arm, and when I looked down I realised she was asleep whilst walking! I scooped her up and carried her into the church.

My other main occupation in the summer months is involved with the national art exams. I have been travelling all over southern England, something I love to do. An opportunity to see such wonderful work.Mostly I am doing the driving.... but occasionally I am driven and then can take photos such as this one of Stone henge....I recently saw a fascinating programme by the Time team about Stonehenge... have a look here


I have also been indulging my other passion - the stitching group Great Western Embroiderers. We had a wonderful session last week " getting knotted" We experimented and distorted all sorts of different " knotted stitches" It was lots of fun.
We had a number of new members too, and a gentleman, which is lovely. We are meeting next month at Lydiard House and will be sketching. drawing in the house and gardens as well as the expansive park. I am really looking forward to it. We visited the Church in March and that was very inspirational.
Of course last month saw the Radio 1 Music festival at Lydiard house, it was wonderful and a huge success with Lilly Allen and also a lot of local bands singing and playing. Most enjoyable.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the piece in the photo! Very attention getting. Great work!