Wednesday, September 09, 2009


My "faces" work has been delivered to Barnstable Museum for the Exhibition, which is running until November 7th 2009. So if you happen to be passing do go in and have a look. Let me know what you think too please. The art has been created over a period of time, as it seems that however hard I might try to change the focus away from faces.... they keep coming back. I have sold many of these in the past.... but thesein the exhibition are the latest pieces.
I am now in the process of working towards the next exhibition starting in October, which is at Radley College Abingdon. The work is well under way as you can see, but I really do not need all the help being offered by Mr Siamese - who does like to sit on the work whilst I am trying to stitch. Wish me luck!

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sandra wyman said...

Oh but isn't he beautiful (and he looks as if he knows it!) Us feline-loving stitchers have a lot to put up with sometimes!