Monday, October 12, 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace

Well suspect you can guess from the photo where this is! Left home at 8am in the morning to catch the coach, and arrived at the K & S 4 hours later, we had to drop some folks off at Heston on the way, hence the delay

I really was not sure about travelling as the day before I had had the yearly flu jab and afterwards and for the rest of the day had 4 of the grandchildren to entertain and feed. So went hoping I would be OK for a day at Ally Pally.

Click on this photo to enlarge it, it is all made with knitted fabric... quite incredible and greeted you as you went into the Foyer.
The Embroiderers Guild exhibition was also in the Foyer, called Art of the Stitch. I was so pleased to see it as I had been unable to get to any of the travelling venues. Coats PLC have done a wonderful job of promoting this bi-annual exhibition, and I received a yellow cotton bag as a freebie as well. No photographs were allowed... sorry!

I had decided to look at all the exhibitions first this year and so pleased I did... saw plenty to inspire me, I loved Susan Jarmains floaty hangings, which no photos can do justice to. I also enjoyed and admired Kerry Mosleys portraits. She knits a loose wire fabric and then machine embroiderers the portraits freely into the " fabric" wonderful. In quite another way I enjoyed Dionne Swifts exhibition, she uses fabric and thread in a very sculptural way, which I found fascinating. All of these exhibitions would not allow photography. so I have linked them to the websites.

I also called in at the CTDG stand, as a founder member of the group, it is wonderful to think how well it is doing. Had to say hello to Dale, but she was too busy to stop for a photo opportunity, Dale had also bought a small exhibition of work with her of " Connections" which she has been showing around the show in Australia. I also visited my mates Maggie and Clive and bought Jae Maries latest book. At Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohns stand I also bought their latest 2 booklets.

At this point I was ready for lunch! After lunch I had a few unwell moments and had to sit down for quite a while, and drank a lot of water, which I had bought with me as a precaution. When I went to continue I had another funny spell, and the ladies on the Ario stand were very kind and looked after me. So I had a dose of fresh air and a cup of tea.... and that revived me. I had a look at the " shopping " stands and as usual a lovely chat with Julie on the Bernina stand. Before I knew it .. it was 5pm and time to leave...

The view across London was fantastic, this photo is worth clicking on to enlarge.... it was so clear. The journey home took a long time, the Motorway was jammed, so we had to travel home along the A and B roads.... so I arrived home at 9pm... a long day.. but well worth it.


Gill said...

Maggie, sorry to hear of your funny turns - a side effect of the flu jab, perhaps?

Interesting to read all of the reports of the K&S show this year, not having been myself. I think I will enjoy it all the more next time after a little break.

Hope you're feeling better now.

Julie said...

Sorry too to hear you weren't too well at the Show. I hope you are feeling better.

Thank you for the excellent photo of the fabric ship, it's amazing and you're right the view over London is stunning too. One of these days I'll get to AP.