Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Artists Studios - Compton Verney

Can you believe it? After a night of gale force winds and torrential rain, this morning the weather could not have been better for the trip to Compton Verney in the Cotswolds.

What a delight. Arrived at about 10.30am and as you can see the weather was perfect. Met Gill in the CarPark, and we wandered to the house together, as it does not open until 11.00am.

In the disabled parking area by the house we found Dorothy had arrived and it was not long before the doors opened and I think we were first into the cafe for refreshments. the cakes were wonderful.
It was not long before Sue joined us, and so the four dodgers were assembled.

We had decided to visit Compton Verney to see the latest exhibition on Artists Studios click here. We were enthralled by all we saw, and much chatter evolved in response to the exhibits. We had managed to get about half way around the exhibition, and with rumbling stomachs, went in search of lunch in the Cafe. We then resumed our tour, suitably refreshed......... wonderful .. great exhibition, fantastic company and good refreshments too.

In our final part of the tour, we were certainly very impressed by the use of day-glo paints by Sigrid Holmwood.

The exhibition is running until 13th December.... if you can get along there, then do go and see. Compton Verney is just off the old Roman Road called the Fosse Way in the district of Stratford on Avon.

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