Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frittilary Tearooms

I have just returned from sampling some wonderful tea and cake at the Fritillary tearooms in Cricklade. The cakes are home made by the Cricklade Bloomers and I had Strawberries and Cream, sponge cake.... Yummy! As you can see I was not alone, such a good choice on the menu as well. In the photos are the 5 panels of work we ( Great Western Embroiderers) created in textiles for display in the tea rooms this year. All the designs are based on the North Meadow in Cricklade.

We are delighted that Cricklade Town Council have also made a request to display the panels in the Council Offices after their time in the tearooms. The panels will also be displayed in the windows of the town council offices for 2 weeks in August, when the judging for the Britain in Bloom competition takes place. Cricklade are finalists this year and very proud they are too.

They have been made Champion of Champions a high accolade indeed. Well done Cricklade Bloomers.


Helen Cowans said...

The work looks good!

Does your group have a blog?

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hi Helen
Yes the group does have a blog... its highlighted in the text, just click on the highlight... but here it is ;-
Best wishes