Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time to get out and about

(Tetbury Gloucestershire Market hall)

Now that hubby has more mobility, we have been getting out and about a bit more. The weather was threatening to rain yesterday afternoon, but we did manage to dodge the showers. We took a short trip to Tetbury. We had not been there for decades, but thought we would give the scooter a try out. It is interesting trying to find parking and access now that our needs have changed.

We could not find any dedicated disabled parking.... we need to open car doors wide . However we did manage to park at the end of the line in a car park, so solved that one. The drop kerbs in the town are not really dropped properly and so were difficult to negotiate. Also the shopkeepers put sandwich boards out on the pavement and it makes navigating the narrow pavements quite difficult.
Most shops have steps to get into them and are quite narrow..... hubby did not go into any shops.....I did go into the famous one, but as Gill also found this week, the shop does not have as many goods as in the past. I did get a paper bag and ......................

A postcard of a watercolour done by HRH of Highgrove

I also was impressed by the Lavender and Chamomile hand cream when I used a little from the tester and was sorely tempted as the quality was very smooth.... but it stayed on the shelf when I saw the price of a small tub.... Mmmmmm.

However the ice cream purchased from a small newsagent was a welcome treat. We had an enjoyable hour on the pavements of Tetbury, and I certainly knew I had done a fair amount of walking by time we got back to the car.


Taylor B. said...

Despite a few problems that you overcame, it sounds like you had a good, fun day!


Enjoyed reading your blog and photos. Wish I could get back to England. Lived there in the mid 80's when hubby was in the air force.