Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cotswold - a stitching experience, more photos

Please click on the photos and then they will enlarge in a new window, if you click again they will enlarge again.

What strikes the visitor to this Exhibition the most is the variety of techniques and inspirations which individual members have used.

The Exhibition really does assault the pre-conceived notions of Embroidery. Visitors to this Malmesbury gallery have been very generous and  complementary in embracing our very broad definition of the word, even though we have challenged their previous knowledge and learning concerned with the word "Embroidery".

All the visitors I have spoken to, got it..... and enjoyed the work in the context of the Cotswold's. We are now starting to prepare for our next 2 exhibitions, Spring 2014 at Lydiard, and November 2014 at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester. We are retaining the theme.... Cotswold's - a stitching experience.... but will be showing new work and our latest discoveries of this wonderful environment called ... The Cotswold's. I will let you know all the details nearer the time.


MargaretR said...

Just fantastic Maggie.

ANNA said...

Shame i have not been able to visit to see the pieces for real, so thanks for sharing the photo. I also feel jealous that I don;t belong to the group as I would love to a) have a theme and target to work towards and b) exhibit with you guys.
Lovely work